choiceless awareness

We all have grandiose plans and intentions on what we want to do, how we want to do it and so on. But we tend not to follow through because of aversion, avoidance, judgment, distraction, laziness, thoughts of “I don’t want to do this anymore”, and all sorts of mental blocks.

There’s a simple mind shift that you can use to overcome this, and that’s today’s topic.

Imagine that you never have a choice, and you just do.

Here are a few examples:

Imagine your mom tells you to do the dishes and you say no I won’t, now imagine that she has a shotgun held up against your head, you’ll make damn sure that you do the dishes asap because you took away the choice not to do it.

Example two: When I was working at my part-time job I hated it, but I still had to pay my bills, so I’ve got no choice but to do the job and earn cash while I work on my business to become fully self-reliant and independent.

Once I realized this the bitching stopped, work got easier, the time flew by and the few months I had left went by like it was a few days, and that’s the magic behind choiceless awareness you stop bitching, you stop complaining you stop over-thinking, and you do what you have to do it’s magical and takes a lot of unnecessary stress and weight from your shoulders.

Another problem I see is that we get flooded with so much information and bullshit that we end up paralyzed and do nothing.

That’s the problem with having too many options and not being able to decide what you want to do, not having a purpose, vision or whatever you want to call it.

When we go trough life, we are very distracted, overwhelmed by information, conditioned by society, and fed false beliefs by corporations, and it feels like as soon as you want to do something you can’t and as a result you feel immobilized and don’t know what to do with your life.

That’s where choiceless awareness comes in.

What is Choiceless awareness?

It’s a framework, a mindset so to speak but that’s my definition. Here’s what Wikipedia says about it.

Choiceless awareness is posited in philosophy, psychology, and spirituality to be the state of unpremeditated, complete awareness of the present without preference, effort, or compulsion.

This mindset alone won’t do much for you, but if you incorporate choiceless awareness into your life meaning that you always try to make a big impact become successful and the best version of yourself then this mindset is a game changer.

How does this work? Do you have to be a robot to have no choice? Is it determinism and do I say that you don’t have free will? No, it’s not black and white. You obviously have choices that will always be the case, but the key is to become aware of what makes sense to you, what do you want, what’s your purpose, your vision, etc. and combine those things with choiceless awareness.

Let me give you this analogy.

If you view humanity as a super organism then you can make the analogy that you are a cell in your body, and you do your best to keep everything intact and running, you contribute to the whole body and do what you have to do, but here’s the thing, if these cells were super advanced (like we are) to the point where they could compute much more information then they might get confused as well.

The cells in your stomach might say “I think I wanna do X instead of doing this digestion stuff” and the more they would start doing things that don’t contribute to the body the more the body would fall apart.

The same concept applies to humanity or society.

Either you are a cell, somebody who gets shit done, adds value, does his thing and is focused on improving (choiceless awareness) meaning he does it because he has no other choice but to do the very thing he’s supposd to do to his best capacity.

Or you become a broken cell = someone who consumes endlessly and doesn’t provide any value, a parasite that corrupts the whole organism.

Closing Thoughts

This may sound overcomplicated, but essentially it comes down to this:

Stop making choices on what you prefer and do what’s best for yourself and other people even if you don’t want to, train yourself to feel like you don’t have a choice to do these things, and in turn, you will be happier and feel freer.

As Always thanks for reading and until next time.

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