The High Price of Financial Freedom

This will sound strange but I believe you should have a go at making a few million just for the fun of it.

Let me ask you – what other plans could you possibly have that are more pressing than this? Flipping magazines? Watching some more TV? Drinking down the bar? I’m anxious to hear them…

Surely there is only one plan worth having? At least it seems that way to me. The only plan a rational human being can have is to be all you are capable of being. To push the limits and keep growing until the day you die. To try for that next goal – to shoot for the bigger dream. This is a masterful life. A life filled with power. A life worth living.

But there is a price. The price is a busy life with little time for standard relaxation of the sort engaged in by the poor in pocket and in spirit. It is a ‘full to bursting’ life with your energies and talents directed purposefully towards positive goals. I’ll have a lot to say about goals and dreams throughout these articles. It is a focused life in which you work very hard on things which matter.

That’s one price you will have to pay. There are others…

  • You will be a driven person going from project to project.
  • You will be endlessly fascinated by life and challenges.
  • You will take on too much.
  • Your social life will not be good because you will be unwilling to squander the endless hours it takes to maintain the dozens of friendships and acquaintances craved by the insecure. That’s the truth.
  • Most people will not understand you. They can’t understand why you don’t want to waste hundreds of hours chatting, drinking, reading tabloid newspapers and watching soap-operas.

What else?

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that almost the entire world will be against you. Most people will consider you ‘lucky’ to have made some money. To them, making money is a purely random event which happens accidentally ‘to’ someone for no effort on their part.

They spend their lives sitting around waiting for this miracle to happen to them. When it happens to you, and you get ‘lucky’ (after twenty years of solid effort) many people will be jealous.

You will lose a lot of friends.

When you become wealthy, it is just too hard for your friends to cope with because the implication is that they could do it too – and that would mean work and effort. That’s bad news. They’d rather avoid you or bring you down than be faced with your silent accusation every day.

The state is against you too.

They loathe wealthy people because wealth brings personal power and individual freedom. The state detests it if a worker drone has personal power. They prefer faceless production units hovering in a no man’s land of false hope, kept just above the absolute poverty line by confiscatory taxation.

The burden is carefully calculated to stop just short of causing people to riot in the streets. It is designed to allow people to have some small hope of dragging themselves out of debt one day, or being able to pay the daily bills.

They do not like strong-minded, wealthy individualists. They will seek to break you down to drone status if you ever threaten to get above your station.

When people are broke, they are part of the tacit conspiracy which gives others the mandate to loot at their command.

They give their silent permission because, let’s face it, they are net recipients of the loot. Perhaps this was you, too? But when you have some real money, the jackboots are marching down your drive and it is your door which is being kicked in. That’s a different (and non-transferable) experience.

You’ve got that one to come…

When you try to accumulate money, strangers will stretch out their hands and claim ‘their’ share of your money – and their demands are backed by legalized state violence. Resist and you will be jailed.

Your protests fall upon deaf ears.

Governments operate through the tyranny of the majority. Whatever most people clamor for, that’s what is given.

Anyway you’re ‘lucky’ to be wealthy, remember? This was not caused by any action on your part. It’s just a random event which happened ‘to’ you – or so everyone seems to think, and so it’s only ‘fair’ that your wealth is confiscated and distributed to the needy. All this, and more will be your lot.

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