Take what is yours
Take what is yours

You know who you are out there.

You’ve got the brain power, you’ve got the looks, you’ve got the physique and you’ve got the charisma. I only wish I had the same raw potential; there’s an embarrassment of riches lurking right below the surface. The world is at your feet and you don’t even know it.

All you need to do is get out of your own damn way and Greatness is Right There for the Taking.

Take an afternoon and design the ideal you. Start the process that will change it all. Pull from deep in your core and put down into words who you would like to become in 2 years. Imagine what the Creator Himself would want. Keep it simple and make it a bullet point list if necessary.

Ask yourself who you could be in 730 days if you went all out; if you made it your number one priority to become the very best you could be; if you cast all other concerns aside and worked to become a better man at the end of each day, than you were when you rolled out of bed that morning. No More Zero Days.

Two years is long enough to make some serious gains and yet short enough to take on as a challenge. And from there you can take stock and then do it again. Except this time you’ll have a hardened core and even more Force of Purpose.

Never mind the past and never mind anyone else.

Let go of the emotional attachment to your past mistakes. Learn from them, but let the negative energy go; it is of no value. You do have this choice. Make this decision and it will set you free.

And never mind about anyone else. Focus on yourself. Have the courage to Be Your Own Man. In the end it will set you apart.

Bear down one day at a time and thrill yourself with sheer will and determination. You know it’s in there. Harness that energy and make everyday life your playing field. You Can Do More and you will develop the capacity. Just focus on the present moment with an eye on the ideal you and the calendar will do the rest. It’s no more complicated than that.

Pursue excellence in what a man can control—excellence in mind, health and money. Drill down on all three and Overwhelm Your Circumstances one day at a time.

Read and write to develop your mind. Besides your Soul there is nothing more powerful that you possess. Take advantage of the best time ever to be alive and learn from the smartest in the world. Make it a habit to read every day; even if only for ten minutes.

And then once in a while write down a few words about what it is you are thinking. As simple as it sounds it will help you to formulate and clarify your thoughts even further. Putting your thoughts to paper or screen will sharpen your mind and give you an advantage over those too lazy to do so; Be Willing to Do What Most Men Won’t.

Lift and sprint. Work with the physical gifts that God gave you and use them a tool to harden your character and manifest a powerful physical presence. No need to go overboard here, alternate between lifting and cardio every other day.

Developing your physique will add tremendous benefits to your life, both personally and socially. Personally, it’s hard to let much affect you when you walk around as a superior physical specimen. And socially, people are naturally attracted to a hardened man of obvious physical discipline. They can sense and are naturally drawn to his exceptional, raw energy.

Next in the queue is to Cash Flow Every Month, regardless of what it is you do or how much you make. Take control of your money and spend less than you earn. It’s no more complicated than that. Even $100 a month can add up to a seven figures over a man’s work life. Have this be your ace in the hole no matter what happens. Always put some money away and cash flow every month.

Pursue excellence in all three of these areas—mind, health, money—and do the same at work. Let excellence pervade all that you do until it becomes instinct. Use your work as an exercise to sharpen your edge. Bleed excellence into every hour of every day. As the saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right. Live and breath this maxim and it will change your life.

And as long as Virtue is at the foundation of everything you do, you cannot fail.

If you work at Virtue and Excellence long enough—in pursuit of your divine potential—you will open the door to a higher plane. It will lift you up to a place that every man wants to know. You will begin to bend the natural order and it will imbue you with all that is good.

You will see the Light.

This place and this energy do exist. I have seen it in others and experienced it myself. There is without a doubt much more to this world than what meets the eye. Believe it.

At some point along this path your heart, mind and Soul will truly begin to see. You will become aware of and understand there is beauty everywhere; beauty in people, nature and things. You will experience happiness, joy and peace of mind. Life will be good and you’ll handle the challenges of each day with composure, confidence and ease.

And you’ll also be able to see the opposite of the above very clearly. Except instead of letting it corrupt and infect you, you’ll look across at it with pity. You will implicitly understand and see the tremendous waste of it all. Having this understanding will also imbue you with wisdom and help to keep you at a distance; it will alert you to the darkness that seeks to destroy.

So you will make it a 2 year run then, towards the Light:

Endeavor to take what is yours.

Live each day with a Force of Purpose.

Put Yourself First and work on the big three—mind, health and money.

Pursue excellence in all that you do all day long, simply for the pure joy of it; make every hour of every day your playing field.

Let Virtue become your guide and take Right Action with energy and verve.

Keep at it and keep your eyes open. And then one day it will happen. You’ll see the portal open to a higher plane, you will see the Light.

And it’s at that point you’ll realize it without a doubt.

Greatness is Right There for the Taking.

All the best,

Max Panzer

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