History Repeats Itself

History repeats itself is something we hear pretty frequently but is it true? I’d say yes, in fact life is all about phases.

Your life has strong healthy periods, and then difficult ones. This cycle is universal and everyone and everything has it.

Ranging from society, your life, night and day, to the four seasons. They all have different time frames as to when they repeat themselves but the point is that it happens and this phenomenon exists.

As I pointed out in my 4 part series (Read Part 1) in regards to Society, we are probably going to see another Empire fall just like it happened in Rome. The similarities are astonishing to say the least.

Breakdown of the similarities

Rome: Invasions by Barbarian tribes

Now: Invasion of third world low IQ immigrants, basically barbarians.

Rome: Economic troubles

Now: We’re dealing with economical issues. Deutsche Bank for example is already deep down in a pile of shit it seems.

Deutsche Bank: The US May Now Be In A Recession

Deutsche Bank’s Shocking ECB Rant: Warns Of Social Unrest And Another Great Depression

Deutsche Bank CEO Warns Of “Fatal Consequences” For Savers

Rome: Government corruption and political instability

Now: I don’t think I need to say anything here…. (DNC, Clintons you know the deal)

Rome: The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes

Now: The same as stated in point 1. Third world invaders flooding into western countries.

Rome: Christianity and the loss of traditional values

Now: Atheism is on the rise, everyone calls himself “rationalist” non-believer etc. and don’t get me wrong I am not a christian or religious either but I do see the value it has for society. The same goes for traditional values that have been lost over time. We need those things in order to have a functioning and stable society whether you are religious and believe in some traditional values or not.

And last but not least the most stunning example of shit that repeats itself.

Feminism and a Gynocentric Society!

Credit goes to the reddit user tomek77 you can read his original post here

Based on past history, it appears that a civilization that embraces feminist values will cease to exist in just a few centuries. This is why we have never seen a feminist civilization aside from very short spans at the end of the Roman empire and possibly a few other more ancient civilizations.

Reading the history of the roman Empire brings such glaring similarities with our own civilization, it is as if human social dynamics are literally stuck in a cycle that repeats every couple thousand years (there were two matriarchical, extremely advanced civilizations: one at the end of the Roman empire, 2000 years ago, one possibly at the end of Babylon, 4000 years ago).

For those who enjoy history, here is a short recap of social changes in Rome, 2 millenia ago (most historians focus on military and political facts, but I find the social aspects just as fascinating):

  • ~5 century BC: Roman civilization is a a strong patriarchy, fathers are liable for the actions of their wife and children, and have absolute authority over the family (including the power of life and death)
  • ~1 century BC: Roman civilization blossoms into the most powerful and advanced civilization in the world. Material wealth is astounding, citizens (i.e.: non slaves) do not need to work. They have running water, baths and import spices from thousands of miles away. The Romans enjoy the arts and philosophy; they know and appreciate democracy, commerce, science, human rights, animal rights, children rights and women become emancipated. No-fault divorce is enacted, and quickly becomes popular by the end of the century.
  • ~1-2 century AD: The family unit is destroyed. Men refuse to marry and the government tries to revive marriage with a “bachelor tax”, to no avail. Children are growing up without fathers, Roman women show little interest in raising their own children and frequently use nannies. The wealth and power of women grows very fast, while men become increasingly demotivated and engage in prostitution and vice. Prostitution and homosexuality become widespread.
  • ~3-4 century AD: A moral and demographic collapse takes place, Roman population declines due to below-replacement birth-rate. Vice and massive corruption are rampant, while the new-born Catholic Religion is gaining power (it becomes the religion of the Empire in 380 AD). There is extreme economic, political and military instability: there are 25 successive emperors in half a century (many end up assassinated), the Empire is ungovernable and on the brink of civil war.
  • ~5 century AD: The Empire is ruled by an elite of military men that use the Emperor as a puppet; due to massive debts and financial problems, the Empire cannot afford to hire foreign mercenaries to defend itself (Roman citizens have long ago being replaced by mercenaries in the army), and starts “selling” parts of the Empire in exchange for protection. Eventually, the mercenaries figure out that the “Emperor has no clothes”, and overrun and pillage the Empire.
  • humanity falls back into the Bronze Age (think: eating squirrel meat and living in a cave); 12 centuries of religious zilotry (The Great Inquisition, Crusades) and intellectual darkness follow: science, commerce, philosophy, human rights become unknown concepts until they are rediscovered again during the Age of Enlightenment in 17th century AD.

Regarding the Babylonian civilization (~2,000 BC), we have relatively few records, but we do know that they had a very advanced civilization because we found their legislative code written down on stone tablets (yes, they had laws and tribunals, and some of today’s commercial code can even be traced back to Babylonian law). They had child support laws (which seems to indicate that there was a family breakdown), and they collapsed presumably due to a “moral breakdown” figuratively represented in the Bible as the “Tower of Babel” (which was inspired by a real tower). Interesting and controversial anecdote: some claim that the Roman Catholic Religion is nothing more than a rewriting and adaptation of an ancient Babylonian religion!

Shocked now? This is precisely what I was talking about before.

Everything repeats itself & I don’t think that we can do much about that until we have the necessary technology to break free from this cycle. By that I mean merging with machines, creating a neural lace to make us significantly smarter, getting rid of our outdated and primitive thinking & becoming highly logical and efficient beings. We basically have to escape this human cycle by becoming something else entirely.

That will take some time however, so the only thing we can do now is work towards this technology and secondly save as much knowledge as possible in case everything goes to shit so that when we hit another dark age we have this knowledge stored away and maybe, just maybe, the people that come after us or survived whatever is going to happen won’t make the same mistakes again and actually manage to reach this level of technology that we so desperately need.

We are getting close, maybe we will be the ones who break free, but only time will tell.

Closing thoughts

Why this cycle exists, I don’t know, it might be ingrained in this universe or if we want to get funky and assume that this is a simulation then it might be programmed into it so we don’t develop as fast as we could and it acts as a reset button to slow things down.

Finally, my last point is that no matter if things are good or bad, its a phase. You’ll get through it if its tough, and if it’s good, do yourself a favour and enjoy it.

Let me know what you think about things repeating itself. Did you notice this pattern? Have you experienced those up and down periods in your life? Are they recurring?

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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