How To Master Your Emotions

I believe that emotions are holding us back, whether that is love, hate, anger you name it.

Emotions cloud our judgement, decision-making, rational and logical thinking and if you are not in control of them they can leave you in a mess.

However, we have the ability to master our emotions!

Let’s delve in a bit deeper.

Our “two” brains

When you follow the path of evolution, then you’ll see that we had and still have very primitive brains. You can look at your brain physically and see the most primitive part of it and the advanced part of it like the prefrontal cortex for example.

What does this have to do with emotions?

To understand where emotions come from you have to understand your brain. Our emotions, feelings and our subconscious are all located in the primitive parts of our brain.

The more rational and logical parts all developed later on and are build on top of the primitive brain so the more you look into the brain, the more primitive it gets.

The reason why that is so important is that your primitive brain can only express itself through emotions because it doesn’t have the advanced parts,  and that’s where it gets interesting.

Your prefrontal cortex can understand these expressions from your primitive brain but only if you are aware of them, and you have the knowledge and understanding of these expressions!

This is key because when you don’t know where those feelings are coming from and what caused them you’ll look for other concepts and try to cope even tho you could influence and change the feelings all it takes is awareness and knowledge.

You have to understand your brain and where your emotions come from because only then are you able to use the most advanced part of the brain and decipher what your primitive part is trying to tell you.

Your primitive brain can’t explain the cause, therefore, you have to use your more advanced parts of the brain to understand what the cause of the emotion is and the moment you can spot the cause of your emotions you can start working on them. Either address what the cause is or come to acceptance.

The problem, however, is that we first experience the emotion, and afterward they are being contextualised and if you have a lack of understanding then you might beat yourself up over the emotion you feel. Depression, anger, jealousy just to name a few.

It is essential to understand your brain and to acknowledge where the emotion is coming from. Understand why you feel that way.


For you to successfully understand the expressions of your primitive brain, it becomes very important to detach yourself and look at things from a third person perspective.

When you fall in love for example. Write down everything that you feel, why do you feel attracted to that person, do you feel lonely? Do you want companionship? Because she looks good? Because you want to impregnate or fuck her? Because she is intelligent?

Go through everything, and write it down. Dig deep, dig as deep as you can to get to the core of the emotion and you’ll realize that this feeling of love fades, it will go away because you fully understand why you think and felt that way and you gain the ability to accept this emotion and move on without spending hours dwelling on this emotion and trying to figure out why you felt that way.

I can’t stress this enough but whatever you feel you have to dig as deep as you can and decipher the code that your primitive brain is sending you.

Why do you feel angry? Why do you feel sad? Decipher all of that and get to the core of the emotion. Once you’ve done that and you understand why you feel that way, it will go away either immediately or after a few days or weeks, but it won’t distract and block you anymore.

It won’t be in your head all the time and nag you because you understand it you understand yourself and know why you feel that way and this right here gentlemen is the key to master your emotions. Become aware of them understand them, accept them and get back to work with a fresh and clear head and more knowledge about yourself.

Increase your Neural activity

If you want to power up your brain then there are two main things that you can and should do:

1) Eat healthy
2) Work out

Why? Because 1) you are what you eat, if you feed your brain with crap well that’s what you’ll eventually get and 2) it increases the blood flow which in turn means that you’re brain will work better.

A good sleep schedule is also very important as are a bunch of other things like supplements (click here for a comprehensive supplement guide)


Realizing that emotions hold you back is the first step to becoming more logical and a better human being.

Once you realize where those emotions come from and what they do you will be able to get rid of those feelings of uncertainty which you may experience when you are in love or when you are scared.

The reason we feel that way is because our primitive brain can’t communicate in words that’s why it expresses itself through emotions.

It is important that you use your advanced part of the brain which developed over time through the evolution since it is the logical part and more rational part or the brain that will turn these feelings and emotions into a clear picture for you and explain why you feel that way.

Once you know how and why you feel these emotions, you’ll be clear headed and productive since the emotions are no longer holding you back.

Share this article since it is very important and could change people’s lives for the better. Getting in control of your emotions and living as one instead of two (primitive and logical) is way better than to be an emotional mess guided by feelings and making illogical conclusions and reasonings.

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