Improve Your Life

Rule One

Depend only on yourself for your happiness and everything else in life

If you depend on others for your happiness, you’ll get hurt and disappointed. The only person that you can and should rely on for your happiness is you. You are with you 24/7 from now on until the day you die.

You lose the most basic control of yourself by being dependent on others for your happiness. You yourself are the only person that you can and ought to rely on.

No one will ever be as effective at making you happy as you, yourself, can be.

The fact is that we are alone in this world. You might say that you have friends and they are there to support you and that you have a supportive family that is there to help you when you need them.

This might be true, but it does not change the fact that when hardships and struggles are knocking at your door and the end is near, you’ll face those challenges alone.

Despite the fact, friends are very important and you should always make sure to surround yourself with the best people you can find, I like to refer to a Jim Rohn quote.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

We are built to survive on our own, yet could not stay sane if we are isolated since we are social creatures. We need and don’t need other people. However, you must learn how to rely on yourself and not on friends and family. There will come a time when they let you down and are no longer there to support you.

Living and relying on your own will make it easier to stand alone when things go to shit and when nobody else is there to help you. This doesn’t mean that you should never ask for help, in fact ask as often as possible. But in the end, you must always be ready and prepared to take on any burden by yourself.

Rule Two

Embrace the Uncomfortable

You have to compete with yourself and always strive for greater results but you can only do that when you leave your comfort zone.

Keep challenging yourself to move forward and to maintain momentum!

Here’s what you get when you step outside of your comfort zone!

You’ll be more productive

Comfort kills productivity and you lose the drive and ambition to do more and learn new things.

It will be easier to deal with the unexpected

By taking risks and challenging yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t do, you’ll get used to the unexpected and will therefore learn to handle it better in the future.

It will be easier to push your boundaries

Once you take the first step out of your comfort zone, it will become significantly easier in the future. As you step out of your comfort zone, you’ll adapt and get used to that state of “uncomfort”. It’ll become normal even natural to you, and therefore you’re willing to push your boundaries even further.

The benefits you’ll reap when you step outside your comfort zone are enormous.

Rule Three

Live for something and set Goals

Your attitude towards success and achievement will depend on your mindset It’s very important to develop a solid Winner/Abundance Mindset in order to achieve Success.

Engaging and working for something you want to do is an incredibly powerful force in making lifestyle changes. For example if you are fat and you want to lose weight you would start by hitting the gym on a regular basis and by having a healthy diet.

Having a goal is incredible useful to change bad habits and to shift your focus onto things that really matter.

Goals should be set with the accompanying lifestyle in mind. If that person hits their target weight and reverts back to not exercising and eating shitty unhealthy food they will put the weight back on. Goals need to develop useful habits on the path to reach them for them to create a meaningful and long-lasting change.

Goals should be something that pushes you to better yourself, not something to stroke your ego. Choose something that you want to work towards and even if you don’t make it, the progress you made along that journey is what counts. The character traits and habits you developed while you pursued your goal. That’s the good stuff you are aiming for. The goal, the achievement those things are just icing on the cake.

Rule Four

Be Selfish and take care of yourself first

Closely related to rule number one!

Everyone’s number one priority is themselves, and that’s okay, that’s how it should be. And being a people pleaser has never been a good alternative, so learn to focus and take care of yourself first, period. Others will do the same, if you can’t benefit them in any way don’t expect to have a place in their life and if someone isn’t benefiting you, cut them out. Mutual benefit is the foundation of healthy relationships.

Rule Five

Accept your Life for what it is

Do not be jealous of other people. You are walking your own path, you’re on your own journey and no matter how bad you want it, you can’t have the life of someone else. You can re-create certain structures but your journey will always be yours and not somebody else’s.

Wishing to have what others have isn’t going to bring you closer to getting what you want. Learn to appreciate the great things in your life and never take them for granted. You must live the life you have been given and no amount of wishing, moaning and pleading will change that. Do your best to improve the areas you can change and accept that there are things you have no control over.

Those are some of the rules I live by and I hope they’ll be as useful to you as they are to me.

As always thanks for reading and until next time!

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