knowledge beats experience

Over the last few months, I got into debates about whether knowing is enough to skip some experiences that wouldn’t add anything new to my life.

A few days ago I got into another debate (sort of) about whether you have to have a bad experience with women so that you don’t become a weak beta male later on in life.

What I got from that conversation is that essentially every guy has to get into a relationship with his supposed unicorn at least once and get his heart broken to become….a man?

I don’t know why this is necessary especially if you are young, not stupid, and have access to the internet because once you stumble upon TRP (TheRedPill), it should become very clear that getting into Long-term relationships with women is foolish.

Obviously, I’m aware that not everyone knows about TRP and therefore gets fucked over by his Unicorn, but if you swallowed the pill, then there’s no reason for you to get your heart broken by some cunt.

I didn’t get my heart broken, and I don’t intend to have it broken especially not on purpose just to get the experience.

That’s why I say knowledge trumps experience.

But some people think that you have to go through shit experiences for no reason, and that doesn’t make sense to me at all. If you’ve got the knowledge and are not an idiot, then it’s the best to learn from others mistakes and misfortunes to skip all the bad experiences and to make more progress in life.

You don’t need bad experiences with women, not at all. Other’s suffered and went through the bullshit, so you don’t have to. That’s why Blogs are great that’s why the internet is great, and that is why books are great.

You get insights from so many sources and especially in the case of relationships the pattern is as clear as it gets. Don’t marry and the odds of LTRs that worked out are low as well, add the Cost-Benefit analysis to that and it becomes clear what you should and shouldn’t do.

Sure, you “lack” experience but is that experience worth it? You know the outcome, you know what will happen (most likely), is it worth it?

This doesn’t only apply to relationships; it applies to almost every experience especially bad ones.

The only thing that bad experiences would do is support and emphasize everything you already know.

If you do something, and you know that it’s a bad choice, then you’ll burn yourself, even tho you knew it would happen. That’s the stupidest thing you could do. Knowing that the outcome is undesirable and not worth but still doing it is the height of foolishness.

Knowledge > Experience?

Knowledge and experience, both have their place, and both are important I know that. However, in my opinion, it depends solely on the situation at hand if knowledge or experience is better than the other.

If you apply for a job then certainly experience is more important than the crap you learned at school no doubt about that but when you know something is bad based on the experience of other people then there’s no need to experience it yourself or do you think you’ll be the exception, and everything will turn out different for you, haha yea right.

Books and the internet are a godsend when it comes to this. You can get all the information and data you need. You can read books online and read about other people’s experience and dodge all kinds of bullets while making progress.

Closing thoughts

People will tell you that you should have the experience about X because you lack it. However, when you come to the conclusion that its useless based on your data/knowledge.

Then you have two options. Act on their shitty advice or trust your knowledge and move on since you have the facts + data at your disposal.

Your knowledge is the summary of experiences from other people.

Reading books is like living the life of another person. You incorporate and identify with the things the author wrote and ingrain them into your life. You take the stuff that’s useful to you and apply it; that’s when knowledge becomes power.

Experience, on the other hand, needs you to invest time, money, focus and much more, into an endeavor where you can’t be certain that the outcome will be beneficial for you or yield the results that you want.

That’s not to say that you shouldn’t experience or try new things, but if the data and knowledge you have at hand says that it’s not worth it and that it’s a bad investment well, then I dare say that you are quite stupid for doing it anyway.

Save yourself the trouble and waste of time and learn from the mistakes of others gain more knowledge and insight, read and move forward.

Reading allows you to do the one thing practical experience doesn’t: learn from the mistakes of others. This by itself makes knowledge already better and way more efficient than experience.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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