You will not be denied
You will not be denied

So you’ve come out of the gate hard and you’re on your way. You realize that your life was—and is still—divinely inspired and there is no time to waste. When your feet hit the ground each morning there’s a fire that rages inside and propels you forward like no other time.

It’s good to be alive, really alive.

It feels great to walk around with steely determination and to know deep in your core you will simply not let go. There is no way you will be denied anymore. No matter the difficulties and no matter the naysayers, you will not stop and you will never quit.

Even if some of those closest to you disappoint or even try to discourage or disparage your efforts, you have the courage of your convictions like no other time. To paraphrase The Blues Bothers, you’re on a Mission from God, you’ve got a full tank of gas and you’re going to hit it.

You are now pursuing Your Life’s Destiny and it’s too bad if family and friends just can’t see it. You were once there yourself. You understand what it is to live on a different plane and to slumber through each day in the dark.

Perhaps in the long run, your example will provide those you care about with a path upward. In any case, it doesn’t matter who it is, you will not be held back anymore. You will put yourself first and develop all of your innate potential—you will put yourself in the strongest possible position. Sometimes that’s all a man can do for those he cares about; for those who are not ready for the truth.

And for those who are never ready, you will simply have to leave them behind. Holding yourself back will not do anyone any good. In the end we all have free will and must bear the consequences of our choices. It’s just the way it is.

You’ve got audacious goals to tear after in your “Mission from God” so you will indeed hit the throttle and keep moving. Who knows though, what unknown possibilities will manifest themselves through your efforts? Life is now very exciting.

But because there is now something more to your life than just earthly, superficial concerns, you have committed to take the long view. True conviction gives a man patience. Belief does indeed foster peace of mind.

You’ve also become smarter and discovered the secret to maintaining this higher level of execution. It’s a philosophy that will provide you with the endurance and resilience to go on forever; to go on until the Creator finally calls you back home.

You will Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

Purpose & Meaning

Let’s face it, in life there is much more journey than destination. There are only so many climactic moments. Most of life is spent in the pursuit of one’s goals and achievements. And even after their glorious attainment, it’s usually a day or two of celebration and then on to the next.

A wise man also realizes that chasing after hedonistic pleasure and accumulation for its own sake will lead to an empty existence. Rewards that are largely driven from the outside, such as pleasure and material wants, eventually lose their luster; a tolerance will inevitably build up. This is the Hedonic Treadmill. An extrinsic and pleasure based existence leads to nowhere and will eventually take a man down.

Thus you have the lives of many of the rich and famous we frequently see in the media. They have apparently achieved the pinnacle of success, but their lives are in tatters. Fame, wealth and victory provide tremendous bursts of pleasure, but without the proper foundation can lead to the miserable broken lives we hear and read about.

In contrast, long term happiness and true success are largely driven by the intrinsic in nature. Having an overriding Purpose for your life is the ultimate intrinsic motivation. This is what will lead to true meaning and happiness. What better success could there be in life than developing yourself and being happy all the while?

So find your Purpose. Create a Life Mission and Life Vision for how you want to live your life. Deliberately design who you want to be and where you want to end up. Think of yourself in the most benevolent manner possible, such as you would for your own son or daughter. Set the template and then Craft Your Life.

Do so and you will be in rare company. Purpose and meaning will allow you to enjoy every day along the way. As much as you will look forward to your future achievements, you will also enjoy the pursuit. Each moment will have meaning. And true happiness and peace of mind can be yours.

The best part is, you will be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Being happy and at peace each day will lift you up. You’ll have more energy, more resilience and become magnetic in nature. Life will become much easier in many respects and success will follow.

Strive for Purpose and Meaning and Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

Live in the Now and get in the flow
Live in the Now and get in the flow

Live in the Present Moment

Make everything you do, the most important thing you could be doing by living your life in the present moment. Always focus on the Now. Nothing else besides what you are immediately engaged in should matter. Cast everything else aside.

It’s certainly wise to learn from the past and plan for the future. Spend your quiet moments alone first thing in the morning and late at night reflecting and planning. But then during the active part of the day give all of your concentration to the present moment.

If you are pursuing Virtue in your daily life, then every instant is indeed of the highest order. You are in congruence with the Creator and even the simplest and most ordinary of tasks will have meaning. By definition you are now part of the natural order and divinely inspired in your actions; all actions.

This is a good place to be and worthy of your very best. And why not? Why bother doing anything with less than your full attention? Conducting yourself as such will add up over time. Pushing the past and future aside and drilling down on whatever it is your doing with the utmost attention will lift you up.

Gone will be the wasted mental energy from regretting the past and worrying about the future. In its place will be a keen concentration. You’ll move through the day more efficiently and produce quality work. Excellence will pervade all that you do.

Continue these habits long enough and it will all become second nature. You’ll have more resilience and stamina and simply perform at a higher level than most. Eventually your work ethic and focus will become a reflex, it will become instinct.

And this in turn will lead to confidence in highly challenging environments. When issues and circumstances are coming at you hard and fast, you will set them up and then knock them down one at a time. Everything but what you are acting on at the present moment will be set aside. You will not get overwhelmed. There will be no mental clutter and no undo stress.

This is peace of mind. This is flow. And this is where you want to be, because this is where the magic will begin to happen.

Eventually confidence, instinct and flow will lead to a higher order of intelligence—a higher order of Being. You will begin to execute based on intuition as much as action and thought. True excellence and genius, even in everyday actions, is a manifestation of more than just conscious thought. It comes from instinct and intuition.

This gentlemen, is where you want to live your life. This is living in the High Country.

So live your life in the present moment and Make the Journey Its Own Reward.


Being grateful is a powerful state of mind. Gratitude for all the good things in your past and present and for all the opportunity in front of you will lift you up. It will put you on a higher plane.

A man who is truly grateful will become much more than he otherwise would. He will have more energy, more stamina and more resilience. It’s hard to be negative and pessimistic when gratitude pervades a man’s character. Instead, positivity and optimism will rule the day. He will stand tall, carry himself with vigor and get things done with efficiency and style.

Being grateful for all the good in your life will also put you in congruence with the natural order. There is just something proper about appreciation and thankfulness.

He who realizes what is right and good in his life, and appreciates it, will radiate positive energy. And since everything at its most basic level in this universe is pure energy, better to be in line with the positive than the negative.

Over time, exuding positive energy will attract more of the same. A man with a bright and forthright disposition will draw a better class of people his way. And he will also produce better output and manifest more opportunity.

Quality people tend to look for and find other quality people. Those who pursue Virtue and excellence are indeed naturally drawn to those of like mind; they stick together. They enjoy each other’s company and will work in concert to make each other even better.

In parallel, success and quality output will lead to more resources and more opportunity. Thus we have ourselves a positive feedback loop which will lead to more of the same and a higher order of Being.

All of these benefits can be yours. Take some time each day to reflect and simply be grateful. Consider the following two thoughts to get started:

  • The fact that you are reading this article tells me right out of the gate you are one of the most privileged men to ever walk the earth. Through freedom and the miracle of modern technology you have the ability to read another man’s thoughts half-way across the world at the touch of a finger.
  • And if you have the ability to travel without limits, from city to city or country to country, you are a free man. Regardless of how difficult your past has been or how challenging your current circumstances, you are still a free man.

Rejoice and be grateful. What more could you ask for? You are sitting at the top of the pyramid in terms of human opportunity.

What you do with that opportunity, however, is up to you. No one said it was going to be easy. After all, opportunity, challenge and effort are what make life worth living along the way. We are men for a reason.

So be grateful then and Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

Let it rain
Let it rain

Bring the Hammer Down

Bring the hammer down each day. Let it rain.

Find an overriding Purpose for your life. Sort yourself out and figure out why you are walking around on this planet. If you’re having trouble finding your way, then start with simply pursuing excellence in all that you do. Throw in Virtue and you can’t go wrong. Eventually your efforts will clear a path and you will see the light.

Along the way, become great at living in the Now. After all, this is when you live your life; not in the past and not in the future. Do not let your mind wander off into the illusion of the past or needlessly worry about the future. Learning to focus on the present moment will lighten your load. You’ll become better at all that you do, have more energy, be more resilient and enjoy peace of mind.

And be grateful as well that you have the opportunity to contemplate your Purpose and work on developing a higher order of consciousness. For much of human history, survival was the primary object of each day. You are living at the apex of life on this planet. Make the most of it, by fueling each day with pure gratitude.

Find your Purpose, live in the present moment and be grateful.

Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

All the best,

Max Panzer

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