male sex drive

This is Part 1 of a 4 Part series [Part2] [Part3] [Part4]

That covers the topics Male Sex Drive, Feminism, Gynocentrism, Egalitarianism and Immediate and Long-term solutions to these problems.

It should be clear that a female-centric society is bad for everyone involved, if you think otherwise then I advise you to read further before you leave a triggered comment.

Feminism has caused several problems within society, it destroyed the nuclear family, it made marriage extremely dangerous for men and the same goes for relationships (false rape accusations, etc.)

We are at a point where associating with women is dangerous to say the least and if one would choose to make the cost-benefit analysis he’d probably come to the conclusion that getting into a relationship or getting married is definitely not worth it anymore.

Feminism and the gynocentric society we are living in plays a significant role in the current influx of migrants as well. Feminism castrated the white man, and now the West gets overrun by third world parasites who believe in a patriarchal system and the feminist welcome them with open arms, ironic isn’t it?

The question we must ask ourselves is how did this happen? Where did we as men screw up and how did this snowball out of control?

Let me introduce you to a town called Wyoming where female suffrage was established in 1869 (no pun intended)

Let me quote here:

In Wyoming, some men were also motivated by sheer loneliness–in 1869, the territory had over 6,000 adult males and only 1,000 females, and area men hoped women would be more likely to settle in the rugged and isolated country if they were granted the right to vote.

This is where we fucked up. Giving women the right to vote in a democratic society was the dumbest shit we could’ve done because now you can’t say “Oh, we made a mistake let’s take your votes away again.”

Women won’t give their voting rights away, and they make up to 50% of the population that’s just how it is. Furthermore, women value security more than freedom, so you are guaranteed to have a big government.

These men gave them the right to vote not because of jewish bankers, not because of some conspiracy or fat blue haired lesbian feminists, no. They gave them the right to vote because of their sex drive because they were thirsty and wanted to get laid.

What makes this worse is that the sexual market value of women is out of the roof because they are needed for reproduction + nature gave men a higher sex drive which encourages the behavior that men treat women like gods or a divine being which obviously they are not.

I think we could safely say that a lot of these issues we’re currently dealing with come from the nature of sexual reproduction.

Because of the nature of sexual reproduction we have a certain baseline male-female dynamic and from that dynamic comes everything else.  The dynamics of a family are based on the dynamics of men and women.

The family dynamic extends into the ones of a tribe or a clan or some other social structure which then becomes the basis for society. Thus, we can trace how society treats men and women to how families treat men and women to how men and women treat each other.

We may have some control over cultural influences but, we don’t have a lot of control over our biology. In fact, even with the artificial womb and ectogenesis, and cloning we still gonna have a stern dynamic which is going to favor women and again this is because of the nature of human beings.

To emphasize this point let’s look at this. A man produces billions of sperm throughout his life; a woman has a handful of eggs and because of that an egg is always going to be worth more than sperm.

Another example: A man that goes to a sperm bank has a 150 IQ and is good looking, his sperm on an individual level is going to be worth next to nothing and in the worst case scenario he can’t even give it away.

Whereas a woman even an ugly unattractive one with problems mentally and physically can sell her eggs for thousands of dollars. That shows you the fundamental difference between the value of an egg and sperm.

And that’s not either sexes fault. Nobody planned to make sperm worthless and eggs worth more, it’s nature, it’s how things are. And because of how it is, we have to work within that reality. We can’t have those fantasies on how we would like society to be and just ignore human nature and reality, that’s what feminism does and it fails.

Would technology solve this problem?

It depends and I’ll talk more about this in Part 3, but even if we would have artificial wombs, we’d still need a human egg to fertilize and make a human baby.

You could use stem cell technology to turn human skin cells into an artificial egg. However even doing that would still be very expensive much more expensive than a sperm for example. Do you get the point? Even if you create the eggs artificially they are still more valuable than a sperm.

We have to understand that, because of the nature of sexual reproduction in humans, women have greater inherent worth simply for existing because they produce valuable eggs. Whereas men don’t have that inherent worth because their sperm is worth nothing.

This is what we see in every society. Women are protected, women are valued simply for existing whereas men need to prove their worth through some sort of service or merit. They need to justify their existence somehow. A woman even if she can’t do shit still has those valuable eggs.

That’s not a conspiracy that we can affect we can’t change that that’s simply how nature is. There are however certain things we can change.

If we want to change hypergamy, if we want to change gynocentrism we need to change the nature of sexual reproduction in humans, that’s the only way to solve this problem

Anything else is just slowing the problem down at best.

So my solution has essentially three different areas of focus.

The first one is immediate solutions

The second thing we’ll talk about are the long term goals.

And last but not least we’re going to talk about contigency plans.

So to recap part 1

The cause of gynocentrism, feminism, hypergamy etc. is the nature of sexual reproduction the fact that females have the eggs and males don’t. Sperm is vastly less valuable than an egg, and if we want to solve this problem that is where we need to focus our attention and resources on.

That was Part 1 of the series; part 2 will be out in a few days.

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