Overcome Self-Doubt

Overcome Self-Doubt

Stop Making Excuses

Want to overcome self-doubt? Then don’t stammer around like an idiot trying to find an excuse for a thing you fucked up. Learn to stand your ground and own your mistakes. You fucked something up? GOOD be aware that it was your fault and own it. Stop saying it was because of this or that, NO. The animal bit you because YOU got too close. Own your decisions and own the outcome of the results no matter if it’s good or bad.

Beware Of Your Close Circle

Self-doubt can also come from your peers and the people who are closest to you. In order to overcome that it is so important to keep track of who you let into your life. It can determine if you are successful or not. You need close friends who will help you to strive and grow stronger if you don’t have them, find them. Get rid off those “friends” or even family when they are in your way. You are better off alone in that case.

The guys from Wall Street Playboys wrote a great article about this topic and I highly encourage you to check it out!

[The Brutal Truth About Friends]

Raise your Self-Awareness

Be aware of what is happening around you, and why it is happening. You’ll start to notice patterns. For example: If you feel good and you walk around with a positive Mindset you’ll attract more positive things. You will attract and see opportunities coming your way. Be aware of yourself and monitor your thoughts. Why are you feeling angry? What caused this emotion? Is it helping you in any way? If not get rid of it. Keeping a Journal and tracking your thoughts is a major help so use it.

Stop Asking For Validation

If you’re an insecure fool you won’t be able to overcome self-doubt. Your opinion matters the most when you make decisions. Stop being a nice guy begging for validation from others. Break free from the validationseeking shackles of society. Get rid of self-doubt and live life on your terms. Do what you think is right. Trust your gut and take action.

Don’t Talk About Your Plans

Stop talking, start doing. Talk is cheap, the more you talk about your plans, dreams, visions and goals the higher is the chance that you will never achieve those things. I used to do that for years, always talking and dreaming big sharing my visions about the future with everyone and guess what I never got an inch closer to them. I stopped doing that and now I come closer to my vision on a daily basis. Small steps forward every single day. Sometimes you won’t even notice the little progress you made but it’s there and it’s happening. Stop talking and show it, show the world what you were planning, let them feel the results.

Trust Your Values

Core values are the pillars of your live.

As a man you must have a set of core values to live by. My core values are Discipline, Determination, Courage, Ambition, Commitment, Aggression, Strength and Positivity. Core values will aid you as guidelines on how you should live your life. Consider them whenever you make a choice.

Start Shipping

The last thing is take action, boss up and get out there to conquer the world. Build a business and make it an empire, build your own kingdom, become financially free and help others along the way. Keep on improving yourself  read, work out, socialize, build strong connections with like-minded people and leave a legacy.

Get out there without self-doubt and kick some ass!

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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