People Only Learn Through Pain

People can’t control themselves and they only learn lessons through pain. Bold claim? Well, bear with me.

Ever been in the situation where you told someone that something is bad for him and showed him the evidence for it too? What was the reaction you got? Did the person take your advice or go about his day with nothing changed? Thought so.

They either get defensive and your whole plan of convincing them to change their lives backfired or they just ignore it and keep on going about their days, which means you wasted your time.

You can tell them and show them evidence that the system might collapse and they won’t care they have to experience the pain that comes wiht it to understand. Look at obese people the nutrition facts are on the foods and yet people still get fat. Obese people won’t change until they feel the pain and the negative problems that are caused by being obese until then they just keep on going eating their 50 Mcmuffin.

Normies are parituclarly annoying in that regard. First of all they all run the same system, thats what I realized, if you say that you fast and don’t eat breakfast they all respond in a similar manner. YOU DONT EAT BREAKFAST?! yes I dont you dumb cuck and it’s healthy unlike your fake news shit where you chug down your sugar filled soyflakes.

Normies consciously or unconsciously WILL poison you with their flawed beliefs and logic, you need to do X you need to consume more iron, you need to bla bla bla the list goes on, insert shit that is bad for you right here. It is like they are running their Normie.exe they are like zombies or those HWNDU guys spouting the same nonsense whenever they see an anomaly aka a person who isnt stuck in whatever kind of bubble or cage they are in.

Can we cure normies?

I highly doubt it, you as a person can’t do jack shit about their opinions or lifestyle, they have to experience enough pain to make a move without that nudge of pain they wont realize wtf is wrong with their lives. The best example I came up with are fat people. Being fat is unhealthy, fact, yet people eat tacos like tic tacs and they wont stop until their body eventually gives up and gives some pain response to the self-abuse in some cases its too late in others it gives them the nudge to self awareness and they start to change.

So to conclude this piece.

Don’t waste your time by arguing with people, especially not with people who you don’t even know or never met, it’s a huge waste of your time and you won’t change anyone’s opinion by arguing over the internet anyway so just keep it to yourself, know that they won’t change their lives, nor opinion until they experience PAIN.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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