PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement

PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement

So as some of you might know I am currently working a new book “PEAK: The Neuroscientific Way To Self-Improvement which focuses on Neuroscience and how we can use it to improve ourselves on a fundamental level.

How is it going?

Good, and it took some time to finish it, but we are getting near the end. As I wrote about before I decided to cut this book into several pieces and while I was doing it I saw opportunities to make the book “whole” again. What I mean by that is instead of just writing about emotions and self-awareness I managed to fit the Neuroscience into it as well. It’s not a textbook so don’t worry I also managed to keep it as short as possible, no rara, no unnecessary stuff.

I said this before and I still believe it’s true:

Once it’s done you’ll never need to buy another self-help book again.

At least not in the traditional sense.

Big claim, I’m aware, but let me tell you why I say that.

Most if not all current self-help books don’t go deep into the issue of our brains, they talk about fitness, confidence and all the other surface level shit but they don’t dig deep. They are usually stuffed with feel good bullshit or no tangible things so you end up being left alone with no toolkit or knowledge on how to fix certain issues since you don’t even know where the problems you have are coming from.

My book will talk about the brain and it will be the main focus. Why?

Because everything happens in the brain and I mean everything.

The feelings you feel, the emotions you have, the motivation, discipline, it’s all in the brain.

It’s one of the if not the most important organ that we have and knowing how it works will enable you to transform and shape your life however you want.

Everything happens in the brain and that’s why it’s the main focus of this book.

You’ll see and learn how the software (your brain) works, identify the flaws, learn to code, and fix it. It’s the best explanation I can give you right now.

I am entering the final stages with this thing, the cover is as good as done, it has been proof read by a handful of people (the feedback was great btw) so the last thing that is up to me is the promotion and then uploading it to Amazon and letting you know it’s out.

That being said, I thank you for all the support thus far and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

I tried to make this book as good as I can and I can promise you that it will change your life. I saw it happening already, it works the system, the concept is applicable so I am confident that it will help you and many others as well.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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