We are already leaving an enormous amount of digital footprints behind, and AI is only going to amplify that, it will have access to all of that information and will create very accurate profiles of you.

Smartphones, for example, are recording your locations at all times, it records your communication with other people, it records your web browsing activity and now with increasingly and more sophisticated sensors those phones can also “feel” your heartbeat.

I guess it’s pretty clear where I am going with this. Nothing will be a secret anymore, your health status can already be tracked via nutrition apps, diet apps, training apps, and all the other apps that monitor your health, your income, same thing with trading apps and even credit cards can be hacked to see what you buy, when you buy it and so on, your contacts, your surroundings, nothing is safe and nothing will be safe when sophisticated AI is there.

People feel like that no one’s watching them when they are on the Internet, that they are alone, but that’s far from true.


Not only Amazon and other companies will be able to use and sell your data; hackers will be able to do it as well.

This obviously begs the question:

Is There Anything To Keep Your Privacy?

Personally, I can’t think of anything besides going analog, and use technology that you have control over which for most of you is only your PC. I recommend to install anti-keyloggers and anti-screen watchers, use strong passwords, learn to code and write apps for yourself use VPN and TOR to protect yourself. This won’t protect you if someone’s out to get you, but it at least makes it a bit more difficult for them.


That’s probably how it’s gonna be like. If you have the financial means and the power that comes with it, then yes, you will have some privacy left. Other than that I don’t see much privacy happening.

Another thing I came across is this:

How will Human Rights work in the age of AI?

Some are now talking about privacy and human rights to keep your “privacy” safe. I laugh at that.

It’s like I said before. Your data is already getting sold and “stolen” in most cases you give them permission to track your data.

Do you use a calorie tracker?

Then the app makers will have that data and depending on how good/bad their security is your data is probably already being stolen and sold without you knowing a damn thing about it. Using Facebook? Well, then sure as hell everything you say about yourself on there is getting sold and used in some way by marketers all around the world.

My point is that this talk about keeping your privacy in the age of AI is a task that is destined to fail, it never took off, to begin with.

Doesn’t sound too appealing now, does it?

The future is difficult to predict tho, so we will have to wait and see what will actually happen but for now it’s definitely not a bad idea to work on your online security and at least be conscious of what you are sharing online, if you are using someone’s platform then you are vulnerable, be aware of that.

That being said I hope you enjoyed this short piece and until next time.

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