The Problem With The Red Pill

The problem with the Red Pill?


I am aware that this might raise some questions like “am I advocating a blue pill life?” Am I against the red pill?

The answer is no, I still am for the red pill but to fully grasp where I’m coming from I will share with you the journey I went through in terms of the red pill since it’s more than just PUA and fucking girls, it completely overthrows your worldview.

As with Paganism, I do not know how or why I stumbled upon the red pill, but I have always been skeptical, a loner and stuck in my head thinking about everything, also an avid internet user so it was probably just a matter of time until I’d learn about the Red Pill.

Unlike others who came across the Red Pill I experienced no hurt feelings, broken hearts or destroyed lives that would lead me to the red pill. It occurred naturally to me, practically falling into my hands without much trouble and thus my learning process began.

First, of course was the understanding of female nature and the natural hate and disdain that comes with it.

Some call it the anger phase although I gotta say I am in general a somewhat angry guy, it’s my fuel and always has been so, of course, this was prime material for me to fuel me even more. Is it healthy? Let’s be honest, for most, it probably isn’t, but it works nonetheless.

So the more I read, the more I understood how feminism was the cancer of this world, destroying men and women alike but that’s just the surface, so I went deeper (and mind you this is a process of years in my case)

I started to see the connections between things, Soros funding organizations, that in turn fund terrorist and hate groups, then you see those kinds of people that no one can criticize because of you know what and they play key roles, as much as people hate to hear and read it.

There are only so many coincidences before it becomes suspicious.

After consuming RP material for roughly 2 years I became a MGTOW because of the before mentioned things, shit women, feminism, SJWs, the whole trans thing, the general decline of the west and I saw no alternative to that (still don’t tbh)

I comforted myself in the belief that enjoying the decline maybe even accelerating it might be the best option.

I also put my attention to technology and science to fix all these problems the thought process was this “just wait for technology to fix all our problems, AI, robots replacing us will surely solve it”

That’s how skewed my worldview was accepting that the death of our species, or overcoming it for that matter would be the only way to stop this madness, heck, this is probably still true but here is the thing, it is not healthy for you, mentally and spiritually.

As I said in another post of mine (read here), the red pill/black pill left a hole in me because of all those negative views and the nihilism, defeatist mindset.

And I have never been religious either, rather more of an atheist that tried to fill that hole with scientism, logic and rational thinking, so the spiritual part of me was practically dead and suppressed, and that was the cause for a lot of internal conflict and dissonance.

And I attribute a lot to that to the red pill, it strips you from everything spiritual and magical, leaving you naked with no weapons and armor in an abyss with monsters (the truth) while they slowly rip you apart, its sounds horrendous and maybe some can’t relate to that because it takes time as I said I have been consuming red pill material for years diving deeper into the realities of our world and that brings a lot of nihilism with it.

So how did I break free from this?

I found Paganism as my guiding light, or to be more precise Norse/Germanic mythology.

So what did that do for me?

It filled that hole, that spiritual lack; it gave me weapons to fight with, and armor for protection and plenty of energy to deal and fight with the realities of life, it gave me purpose, meaning, something to live and die for.

Those old tales aren’t just some random stories; they are practically a blueprint on what to do and what you should strive for.

And mind you, that’s just my first impression since I haven’t even read them all yet, not even close.

But I can guarantee you that if you feel like you lack something in your life, and you’re succumbing to the nihilism, depression, defeatism, and religion isn’t something you can identify yourself with then try to track down your roots, where do you come from, what did your people do back then?

What traditions did they have, What did they believe in? Visit museums or temples, go out in nature and ponder on life, connect with your instincts and roots and I can almost guarantee you that it will benefit you greatly.

That being said, thanks for reading and see you in the next one.



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