How Technology Will Influence Human Evolution

Technology if it continues will be the next step of evolution. Fusing with machines, becoming cyborgs, uploading our consciousness and anything along those lines will be the next phase of our evolution whether you like that or not.

The rise of Virtual Reality, Sex Robots and everything that comes after that i.e. uploading our consciousness, merging with machines, genetic manipulation, is inevitably going to happen.

Especially Sex Robots and Virtual reality will change a lot regarding the male-female dynamic in the coming years.

Why would an average man or even a high-quality man deal with women’s bullshit if he can get the same deal or even a better deal with sex bots and Virtual reality, it’s a one-time investment for unlimited fun, novelty, and no struggle involved.

Why Men will prefer Virtual reality and sex robots over Women

One argument people make is that it’s not the real thing, well no shit sherlock but who knows? It might even be better than the real thing since you can fuck whoever you want, whenever you want, where you want and when you want. You can also shut it off at any second, so there are no downsides to it.

Because of that, the male-female dynamic is bound to change in the next years since men don’t have to rely on women anymore to have sex with. This isn’t outright replacing them but rather adding competition and breaking down the monopoly women have over sex right now.

Those men who want to fuck girls all over the world will have an easier time to do just that because they’ll have less competition, and women will be easier to keep around since they now have competition in the form of sex bots and VR and the other side of men will have a great time as well enjoying their virtual celebrities, waifus, demons and whatever the fuck they are into.

For all kinds of men, this will be great since you can have easy access to the real deal and to the virtual thing.

For women, however, this won’t be such a good deal unless they change and improve themselves. Get some skills, become interesting, stop the tournament mating and work on themselves. If they don’t do that, they’ll be left alone dependant on the government and living with hundreds of cats.

Will we stop socializing?

Another argument people make is that this will change how we socialize with others. They say we won’t go out as much; we’ll be easier to control due to Virtual Reality, etc.  Those people have the fear or the concern that we become isolated islands floating through life.

My point of view on this is that socializing will still be there we’ll just socialize differently with each other, how I don’t know but it will still be there just different from what we know and do now.

As for those who will be easier to control and manipulate via Virtual Reality I say look around you. Look at schools, colleges and universities even corporations. You already get brainwashed to death so I don’t think that this will have a huge impact on controlling people, they’ll just spend more time in VR living their “dream life” for a few hours instead of watching Netflix and as with everything in life, technology can benefit you or be your downfall, it all depends on how YOU are going to use it.

Closing thoughts

Technology has, of course, a lot more benefits that I’m going to cover in the future but to briefly mention a few.

Sex Robots and Virtual Reality will be the stepping stones that start this transformation. It’s happening right now and with time, this technology will only get better.

Cloning and artificial eggs will destroy the monopoly women have over reproduction right now. They will lose some of their power which is great, one step closer to equality eh?

Genetic engineering, transhumanism, uploading our consciousness will be the endgame.

This is the part I will get more into in the future and also the part people fear the most because it will be a significant change and they are afraid of the unknown. Realize this tho instead of being scared of that change embrace it, look at all the possibilities this will unlock, it’s amazing.

Ridding ourselves of the flaws and weaknesses and improving ourselves through technology. We will become something else entirely, more advanced, based on logic and very efficient at least that’s my belief, and this will be the next step of evolution. What will happen after that I can’t tell, but we probably would evolve more and more through technology since the possibilities seem to be endless.

With that being said, I hope you understand now why I stand behind technology and why you should too. It’s the ultimate form of self-improvement and becoming the best you essentially. More advanced, focused, logical, rational, you won’t be human anymore, but that doesn’t matter you’ll become something superior.

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