The Return To Our Forebears

The Return To Our Forebears

As some of you might have noticed I became quite interested in our past. The european history that is, the germanic, norse one in particular. Reading and learning about the tribes we had, the traditions and virtues my forebears had, it’s fascinating.

Why? To be honest I don’t know how or rather what sparked this interest but ever since it came to me I felt more fullfilled, life got more and more meaning and it felt like something clicked but more on that later.

So why am I advocating Paganism or Heathenry, heidentum in german? Because it filled that hole that I was carrying around with me.

As some of you know I was a tech enthusiast, I “enjoyed” the decline so to speak and saw AI, Robots replacing us, and us becoming less organic and more synthetic as the natural course of evoltuion, and heck maybe it still is but ultimately this was a pretty nihilistic view. Life has no meaning if you accept that view on life, the only purpose you’d have if you want this future is to make that progress to a fully artifical future happen faster or just end yourself right now because why not? Your actions are pretty much useless no matter what you do the progress won’t stop so why not end it, right?

I also talked about the Red Pill/Matrix in a post of mine and that when you see the world for what it is i.e. fake and brainwashing everywhere, life becomes pretty bland and dark, it’s like drinking water for the rest of your life instead of soda. Which isn’t too bad if you ever had a good glass of water after something exhausting.

And here is where the “back to the roots” movement comes in. it fills that dark, meaningless hole that nihilism and the Red Pill left.

It makes you think about your ancestors and what they did so YOU could eventually be born (thats not to say that they fought battles so you special snowflake could be born) it’s rather admiring the struggle they had to endure, the fights they fought and lost, the things they overcame just to spread their DNA.

Just thinking about this is mindblowing to me. How can anyone complain about having a tough life these days? Thoughts like this shook my entire core of beliefs that I held, it makes you think what a pussy you are at times, it shows you that you could do so much more if you would just stop complaining, it makes you realize that what you think is hard isnt hard at all youre just being a moron.

So deeper I delved into my ancestry I read about the fights they had (Teutoburg forest i.e. Schlammschlacht is something I highly recommend) I started to read about the Berserkers (a norse warrior class) and I started to relate more and more to this ancient tradition that runs through my veins.

I started to read about Odin or Wotan in german. I started to train in order to honour him and my workouts have been the best I ever had since I started doing that. I am not working out to look good for others, I do it for my ancestors and to not put shame and disgrace on them, I can’t be weak because they werent either, otherwise I wouldnt be here. It all comes back to this, meaning, purpose.

But let me go back to the point of where this interest might come from. I read Jungs essay about the Wotan archetype and he mentions that Wotan is a part of the germanic people and will awaken again.

Why do I mention this? Because I see it happening around me. people are not going back to abrahamic religious beliefs such as christianity (which we might talk about at another point in time) no, they try to find their way back to nature, to their roots. Some tumble around in New Age stuff, others go the Buddhist way but it will never be as fulfilling as finding your spiritual sanctuary in the belief of your ancestors. I know this because I went through it, I was interested in Buddhism, I meditated but it never really cut it for me, it didn’t fit, it wasn’t a part of me.

I see people like my brother Nick Hagood climbing mountains reconnecting with nature or Kris Cantu overlooking the forests. Those are just a few recent examples of Wotan awakening, but this has been happening for the past couple of years and it is taking up speed. Why? Because people become aware of those old beliefs and it feels right, it fills that hole that nothing else can fill for them. I know it filled mine and it clearly was the missing piece for others, thats why I try to make people aware of our past, and the Wotan archetype.

An interesting time lies ahead of us I have no doubt about that, its in the air.

Closing Thoughts

To grow means also to grow spiritually and I did that by studying the past. It fills the hole that atheistic and nihilistic beliefs create, it was the missing piece so to speak and it might be what you are seeking.

Moreover, taking a look at how people lived back then gives you purpose and motivation to pull through. I have been motivated ever since I started studying it and I strongly believe that this was because I gave meaning to my life.

We don’t know the meaning of our lives when we are born; but as we grow older and gain knowledge, wisdom and experience you’ll eventually stumble on something that resonates with your core.

Our lives have purpose and it puts all our physical, emotional, and intellectual potentials to use; helps us during difficult times; and gives us something to look forward to, a goal to achieve, or a destination to reach. A person without purpose or meaning is like a drifting ship at sea.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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