The Three Phases Of Humanity

The Three Phases Of Humanity

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Today’s topic is going to be

The Three Phases Of Humanity

Human society has essentially three phases.

At first, we have a patriarchy, after some time we move into a “soft patriarchy” and from there we eventually move into feminism/gynocentrism and everything collapses and the cycle repeats itself.

This happened in the past, and it is happening again, right now.

Which led me to the conclusion that this is nature doing it’s thing until we are somehow able to break this cycle through technology.

I used to think that the patriarchy was the most optimal way to organize society because it would keep the collapse from happening.

However, this was flawed reasoning and the reason why is, although women aren’t having a good time under a patriarchy most of the men have no good time either.

You basically have a small group of elite alpha males controlling everything and most of the men are not in that group. Essentially you have all the women being oppressed but also a majority of the men. This isn’t conductive to an advancing society.

We actually need to get out of a patriarchy as soon as possible. (Never thought I’d say this)

I do believe that there is no way to turn back the clock so you can’t have feminism regress back to a soft patriarchy, you can only go forward through a collapse into a patriarchy. (Happening right now, Migrant Invasion)

Once the collapse happened you have to get out of that patriarchy, and it’s tribalist futile system to move into a soft patriarchy, a more civilised society.

Lets compare these different systems


  •     Sucks for the women in general
  •     Also sucks for the majority of men
  •     Only benefits a small group of men at the top

Feminist society

  •     Sucks for all men
  •     Sucks for all women
  •     A matriarchal system

Soft Patriarchy

  •     Is the lesser of the evils
  •     Still gynocentric
  •     Still exploits men and treats them as disposable utilities
  •     Out of the three systems, it’s the most balanced

Its a shitty situation to put it mildly.

That’s why we need tech and long term goals to break out of this cycle but assuming that the tech for that is centuries away we probably have to face another collapse.

Assuming that we rebuild society, we need to institute some sort of soft patriarchy. What I mean by that is men are in charge, period, but, women are taking care of, because women are a valuable resource.

Remember, this is post-collapse we’re rebuilding society. No sex robots, no cloning none of that.

So if we want humanity to keep going, we need women, but having said that we don’t need to treat them as equals because they are not, they have never been.

Feminism unfortunately poisoned this dynamic between men and women.

Men have basically always been in charge of every society that ever existed in human history, until very recent times.

Unfortunately, we have tried this whole egalitarian, men and women are equal shit now, and as you can clearly see the results are bad.

Would a Soft Patriarchy fix this?

Most likely.

When I talk about a soft patriarchy, I am talking about an older traditional society and not about some sort of system where the men do all the work, and the women sit at home and does nothing.

In this new soft patriarchal society, the man has the power and the authority, but the woman still has responsibilities to her husband and to her family.

In a soft patriarchy we have to have marriage, since marriage is what prevents tournament mating and to enhance society, you have to have pair bonding and monogamy and to have monogamy we need a legal construct to force people to be monogamous i.e. marriage.

Another reason why we’d need monogamy and marriage is that we have to ensure parental investment in children by men.

Because if the woman is just going around fucking whoever she wants, guys aren’t going to sit around and help raise the kids. They are not going to provide for kids that aren’t theirs.

Just to make myself clear. I’m not promoting this for the PRESENT I am not promoting marriage. I am promoting this AFTER society collapses we need to go back to soft patriarchy only because it is the lesser of the available evils.

Since a patriarchy won’t workout for the majority of men, and it’s not going to be conductive to scientific advancement and obviously feminism isn’t either.

We have to make certain concessions. At least in the short-term, and then we can go back to our long-term scientific goals, but we have to take step towards a society that has wealth, the science and the time to pursue these scientific goals.

With a soft patriarchy, we’ll have a society where basically men are in charge and women obey men.

I can already hear the hordes of feminists screaming sexist and what not so let me say this. First, shut up, second:

Parents control their children. The children are basically the property of the parent.

However, parents are not legally allowed to beat, rape, and murder their children. There are laws against child abuse, but those laws don’t elevate the child to the level of the parent! You see where I’m going with this?

This is the point where we as men fucked up. This is where feminism comes from.

The problem isn’t necessarily female nature, because female nature can be controlled.

Females do not have the power to enforce their own will because they are weak, they need men to survive.

However, as technology and the government has made women’s survival less of an issue, they started to assert themselves and men started to give in for reasons I don’t fully understand.

Imagine a parallel universe where children are equal to adults.

They have all the rights of an adult and adults can’t tell them what to do. They have no control over them.

You’d have a society where children call all the shots; they’d make retarded laws like “free candy” and the problem is these children would eat the candy and abolish toothbrushes because they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing.

That’s why they need a parent to “control” them and prevent them from doing such idiotic things.

Now coming back to reality and replacing children with women and parents with men, this all makes sense. That’s why we need a society where men are in charge and where women do as they are told BUT women are still protected from rank abuses by men.

They should be treated as a parent treats their child.

They provide for them but they don’t deal with their bullshit.

Once we don’t make the same mistakes and don’t listen to women’s bullshit grievances where they assert that they are equal and all this other shit we could move forward as a society.

Now building on the child analogy: Feminism at its very core is the same as having a spoiled child. They give their kid everything they want, everytime it cries and wants something they buy them a toy and the kid turns into a spoiled rotten brat, that’s what feminism is.

Society has given women everything they wanted and now they are spoiled rotten brats. How do you deal with a spoiled child?

First of, you don’t blame the child. They are only acting out their nature; they are acting within the confines that they were given. It’s the parents fault for not controlling their child. In the same way; female nature when controlled is not destructive just like a child’s nature when it is controlled.

So assuming that we have this functional society where men are explicitly in charge and don’t put up with women’s bullshit but treat them with respect. We would be fine. We would be able to carry on.

Of course in this society we would still have male disposability we would still have gynocentrism because women are a resource that men would have to protect, and men would want to compete over, just like every other resource.

This would not eliminate gynocentrism, but it would allow us to get to a point where we would have a functioning & growing society, and we could pursue the technology that would eventually free us from this vicious cycle.

However, I have no faith that even if we got into a soft patriarchy that it would last for at least 200 years.

Why? Because no matter what kind of legal protection we put in place no matter how many things we do to educate our children about the dangers of gynocentrism, it would come back, it always does.

People forget, people think they know everything better, and then they throw valuable and applicable knowledge out the window and fuck everything up again.

Hopefully, we preserve enough of our technology so that we can make gradual progress towards our longterm goals, transhumanism, space colonisation etc.

So, if there is a collapse if we have to go back to a patriarchy we must preserve our technology so that when we’re back to our soft patriarchy we can make progress immediately.

Closing thoughts

In the long run, we need to have these longterm goals, and I think transhumanism and genetic manipulation is really the only way to truly break out of the cycle.

So in the meantime if push comes to shove if there is a collapse if we have to go back to a patriarchy let’s try to get out of that patriarchy and get back to a soft patriarchy but please for the love of god when the feminists rise once again we need to tell them to shut the fuck up.

It may seem harsh but its in their best interest.

Remember women are like children and if they are left to their own devices, they fuck everything up. We (men) need to act as a parent and watch out for them tell them “NO” probably 99% of the time which can be hard especially if you have a soft spot for your child (woman)

Children and woman are not capable of understanding these abstract concepts of doing what’s in their long-term best interest. They need men to make these decisions for them, but men have to enforce their authority in order to enforce these decisions.

It doesn’t make sense if a man says I’ve done all the planning, this benefits everyone, this is fair, this is what we should do, and the women are like no I want this now, and then she uses her power because you foolishly let her vote.

The key to having a functioning society is to keep authority out of the hands of women.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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