Make it real
Make it real

It all starts in your mind. Take some time on a regular basis to deliberately decide how you want to carry yourself each day and where it is you want to end up—Craft Your Life with purpose and precision.

Tell your mind what it needs to hear. You do have the ability to teach your own mind how to think and how to work. Precision, repetition and deliberate action are the key. The modern term for this is neuroplasticity—your brain has the ability to reorganize and reprogram itself.

Make it a regular habit to pull yourself away from family, friends and co-workers and spend some time alone. It can be five minutes, fifteen minutes or an afternoon. Make it solitary and make it quiet. Personally I like to reflect on and set my intentions on a daily basis before I start the day.

Start by writing down your Life Mission, Life Vision and One Thing.

  • Your Life Mission is the overriding code for how you will live your life. It’s the foundation for all that you do. Put your Mission before everything else and let it guide you in all your endeavors. And when things get difficult, dig in and hold on with Righteous Defiance; sometimes that’s all a man can do.
  • Your Life Vision is the specific list of goals you wish to achieve and where and how you want to live your life. Create this Vision in your mind; see your surroundings, your achievements, your loved ones and yourself. Visualize your life as you would like to live it—feel it.
  • Your One Thing is the ultimate achievement that will put you up in the High Country; it’s the one goal that will fuel your motivation like no other and light your life on fire. If you don’t have a One Thing then get one. Dig deep and decide what it is that would bring on the light like nothing else. Do so and it will change your life.

Consider what you believe the Creator would want for you in all His benevolence. Treat yourself as you would your new born son and design your life with the same pride and joy.

The Spark of Greatness is still within you, regardless of your past. Remember, the past is an illusion, it no longer exists. All that matters is the present moment and your plans for the future. Put your past behind you and commit to the glory ahead.

With pen or keypad in hand get it done. Find the words and stake your claim to Purpose.

With the above trifecta—Mission, Vision, One Thing— you will predict and then execute how you want to live your life with the precision of the written word. By deliberately articulating your ambitions you will define your life with razor sharp accuracy.

Having specific and concrete words delineate your present and future self will be a huge advantage. It will set you apart. It will lift you up and provide you with tremendous focus. You will be able to pursue your life with clarity and a force of purpose; like few other men.

Speak your Mission, Vision and One Thing to yourself out loud. Let your mind hear your voice over and over again. Driving alone in the car or any other solitary moment will do.

You will create a positive feedback loop that will transform your life. First you will think and then you will write. From there you will speak and then you will take action. And each step will reinforce the other.

Fire things up with Vision
Fire things up with Vision

Fantastic, so let’s get to work and Achieve Personal Greatness.

Begin by carrying yourself as if you are already years into your plans.

You’ve made a serious and thoughtful decision about how you want to live your life and where it is you want to end up. You’ve specifically designed the very best version of you—so why wait?

You’ve been there before. You’ve had a taste of it. We’ve all had those days where we’ve lived and executed on a higher plane. Become your ideal self today and leave the old you behind.

You’re not a fool. You’re obviously aware of the work that still needs to be done. But if you conduct yourself as you see the future you, then you will be imbued with the energy and state of mind necessary to get there.

You already know what that mindset and energy level should be. You’ve envisioned it and written it down. And you’ve been there before so make it real.

The right mindset and the right energy are critical in the long term execution of your plans. They will help you to rise above it all and maintain the momentum necessary to effect significant change. So give yourself the advantage by acting as if. Skip ahead in a sense and train your mind through word and action.

Gone will be the self-defeating thinking of old. Gone will be the discouragement of the past. After all, you are now the ideal you. You’ve defined this man explicitly with words. You know exactly what it is you are after. You have a force of purpose. You are becoming that purpose.

Make your life a self-fulfilling prophecy. Begin to live the trifecta of your Life Mission, Life Vision and One Thing. Speak the words and take action.

Imagine the confidence and the outlook you would have if you achieved all of the line items in your Life Vision; including your One Thing. Imagine as well that you’ve got years of solid experience living the principles espoused in your Life Mission.

Become that person today. Tell your mind the story it needs to hear. It will seem like tomfoolery at first, but go ahead and fool yourself anyway. And then slowly, but surely a funny thing will begin to happen. You’ll get used to the new you, the new energy, the new attitude and the new results. Life will become enjoyable.

And this new you, this ideal self you made up in your mind with words, will suddenly become believable, suddenly become likable. This ideal you will become real and there will be no turning back; and no more tomfoolery.

Besides, some things are worth believing in, regardless of whether they are true or not. And the one such thing we are working with right now is the ideal you—your Ultimate Self. Nothing could be more important and worth believing in. After all, this is Your Life’s Destiny by definition.

So let’s review:

You’ve created your Ultimate Self in your mind. You’ve written it down. You have your trifecta—Mission, Vision, and One Thing. You are conducting yourself as such and you are now taking action.

You’ve got forward momentum, you are rising above it all and you now Enjoy Your Own Company.

It’s a simple repetitive process. It goes from mind, to words, to actions, to reality and then back to your mind. And over time this positive feedback loop affects your confidence, energy level, attitudes, self-talk and results.

All the while your mind will form the basis for your perception. And to a large extent it is your language, or words, which help you frame and understand this perception, react and continue on your merry way.

So the answer then, is take control from the very start and create the words.

Create the words, say the words and then live the words.

Turn Your Words Into Reality.

All the best,

Max Panzer

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