Benefits of a vast vocabulary?

The benefits are quite straightforward:
– More Confidence and self-esteem
– Appear sophisticated and knowledgable
Sharper communication and effectiveness while talking to others

A person’s vocabulary level was the best single measure for predicting occupational success in every area. -Johnson O’Connor

Having a vast vocabulary is a skill that can be learnt and has nothing to do with an innate level of intelligence.

If you think a vocabulary is built passively through other activities then you’re wrong. If you’ve ever written essays or read academic literature, you will understand that this is much harder when there are so many words to be used, many of which are complicated AF. So, some effort needs to come in to play to bring your vocabulary up a notch.

Social Cognitive Theory and how to learn

Rather than just saying “go out and do it”, I chose to outline a specific methodology in psychology used to describe how certain knowledge or behaviour can be learned.

Social Cognitive Theory describes how people learn by observing others. It also gives you an idea of the process on how we acquire new information, which can be applied to any context of learning.

There are four stages of learning:

Attention. Pay attention and focus, otherwise you will learn jack shit.
Retention. If you don’t remember it, it won’t stay in your brain.
Initiation. You must be able to reproduce the learned activity. In this case, you need to be able to use the words you learn.
Motivation. Unless motivated, you won’t produce learned behaviour/knowledge.

Knowing this we can form a practical approach.

1) Read. Read a lot. Read things other than self-help books, like classical literature, philosophy, science and history.

2) Whenever you see a word you don’t understand, look it up on a dictionary app on your phone, and record it in a list somewhere.

3) Once a week take 10-15 of the words in your list and write something. It can be about anything.

As a side note however, try not to swing too far to the other side and become verbose. That’s what happens when you use fancy words, but say very little. Remember to be efficient and to the point.


Language is a very powerful tool. An expansive and comprehensive vocabulary is highly valuable if you want to be able to communicate effectively.

Having a big vocabulary also help you become smarter and more persuasive which can result in many things ranging from better game to making more money so there is no real reason not to work on your vocabulary.

Thanks for reading as always!

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