Swim Sizzler

No more endless crawl-stroke laps!

For awesome abs, just add water. Our pool workout sculpts belly and back muscles a lot faster than boring laps do.

Extreme Swings

Shock muscles and tone like mad during this sick-quick—26 minutes!—kettlebell plan from Lorna Kleidman, creator of KettleX.

How to swing. Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees soft, and bring ‘bell between legs and slightly behind you. Thrust hips forward to swing weight up to chest level. Immediately drop back to start; repeat.

Do a ladder with a 15-pound kettlebell.

  • Double-arm swings 60 seconds
  • Push-ups 30 seconds
  • Single-arm swings 35 seconds for each arm
  • High knees, kettlebell held overhead 35 seconds
  • Single-arm swings, alternating arms 80 seconds total
  • Shuffle feet fast in place holding kettlebell at chest 40 seconds
  • Double-arm swings 90 seconds
  • Jumping jacks, pressing kettlebell overhead on each jump (Start slow!) 45 seconds
  • Single-arm swings 50 seconds for each arm
  • Alternating jumping lunges, holding kettlebell at chest 50 seconds
  • Single-arm swings, alternating arms 110 seconds total
  • Bent-over row with kettlebell 30 seconds for each arm

Reverse it. Do the last move again, continuing back to the first to finish.

Rock-Star Ride

Your fuel for this 35-minute sweatfest: a one-of-a-kind playlist from instructor Michael MacNeal, creator of the insanely popular Monster Cycle workout. Match up your leg speed to its beat using any upright stationary bike to torch five-oh-oh.

Legs like whoa. This routine’s mix of hills and heavy resistance earns you lean, toned thighs—no bulk!

Power Row

New Yorkers are wait-listed for trainer Jay Blahnik’s rower-meets-toners ShockWave class at Equinox. But you can do his custom version of the 45-minute sculpt-a-thon whenever.

Have 10-pound weights handy.

  • Row, keeping a steady, strong pace, 500 meters.
  • Do front-lunge pass-throughs. Stand next to rowing machine, a dumbbell in one hand. Do a forward lunge, passing weight from one hand to another through front leg with each rep, alternating legs for 1 minute.
  • Rest 15 seconds.
  • Row, picking up speed. Push hard against foot pedals, 500 meters.
  • Do Russian twists. Sit on floor, leaning back with abs engaged, knees bent and raised in V-sit position, holding a dumbbell in front of chest. Twist torso to tap weight to floor on right side, then left, for 1 rep. Do 5 reps, then hold a right-side plank for 10 seconds. Do 5 more twists, then hold left-side plank. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Rest 15 seconds.
  • Row as fast as you can, 500 meters.
  • Do dumbbell thrusters. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing in and elbows bent so hands are at shoulders. Squat, then press weights overhead as you stand. Repeat for 1 minute.
  • Rest 15 seconds.

Repeat circuit 4 times. With each additional round, aim to finish the row a few seconds sooner and do 1 to 2 more reps per move.

Sprint Blaster

Your love-hate relationship with the treadmill is about to be all love. Toggling between inclines, lunges on the belt and all-you’ve-got sprintervals makes 42 minutes fly by. Trainer Mark Harari designed the plan based on his PulseTread cardio app.

Amp it up. The secret to hitting double-digit miles per hour: Lean slightly forward and pump your arms.