Develop Successful Habits

How To Develop Successful Habits

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve in life the critical component is getting things done! In order to get things done you have to become disciplined.

It’s really difficult to just get up and change your life, to change the way you do things.

Because of that you have to begin with small things, for example just start walking every single morning, no worries about counting calories, no worries about workout routines don’t worry about anything, just get up and walk every morning.

It won’t be the walking that makes you successful but it definitely will contribute to your success. Because what it will do is it will create the virtue of discipline and commitment. That’s how you develop successful habits.

The fact that this small win is yours will make you feel different. You’re going to feel the courage and confidence and you’ll develop successful habits while also building up the ability to create stronger and useful ones! For example the new habit could be I only drink water to my meals no soda no alcohol allowed, only water.

This would be a tremendous benefit for you and your health and it will expand your level of discipline and commitment so you can go after bigger and better habits!

The next habit will become more complex and that’s how you’ll create strong habits step by step, start small and build yourself up to attain the best version of yourself.

I know that this might sound like a lot of work and I guarantee you it will be pretty tedious but I promise you after 30 Days of tiny wins and the revamping of your character you will be the type of person who can do anything and everything at any time.

So start small have tiny wins at first and build yourself up to achieve big wins. Use those new developed success habits and the new character tool you developed to attack bigger and more advanced things until you reach your goals!

Your daily habits are HIGHLY correlated with success or failure.

By doing something every day you can achieve goals that would otherwise seem to be impossible. By doing something every day you can make yourself process oriented. By doing something every day you can give yourself the abundance mindset.

But how do you get rid of bad habits? You MUST replace the bad habit smoking for example with walking. Everytime you feel the need to smoke a cigarette take a short walk instead. I know this sounds easier said than done but in reality it’s just a thing of Willpower and Mindset.

You have to want it in order to get it. So no half-assing around here. You either want to truly change your habits and your life or you don’t. Be honest to yourself and know what you want.

If you want to change but you can’t seem to pull it off then I invite you to engage in uncomfortable situations. Make yourself feel uncomfortable as much as you can, take cold showers, talk to strangers, things like that will force you to build a high tolerance so uncomfortable situations won’t be as bad as before. This will make it easier to change because you can endure the uncomfortable feeling of not smoking a cigarette or whatever it is that you are trying to get rid of.

Uncomfortable situations are a great way to force yourself to change! So take advantage of them every time you can!


Work on yourself every single day. Start small and achieve tiny wins. Then build yourself up to attack bigger goals and desires that you have. Use those tools that you develop along the way to revamp your life and build strong, useful and successful habits to kick some butt in life!

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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