Fear of Thunder and Lightning

This is a guest post from RiseAndClaim.com. He writtes about a variety of different topics ranging from fitness to mindset, but in this post he kinda let his metaphysical side shine which isn’t something you read all to often here on my Blog so I think is a nice taste of fresh air. Enjoy.

No matter your beliefs, we can all appreciate the devil and his wicked ways. The search for how to overcome a fear of thunder and lightning will tear you limb from limb. The devil comes with a smile painted on his face bearing gifts of falsehood and deceit. The true nature of these “gifts” do not become apparent until long after their effects have taken place.

In response, you thank him for his generosity and maybe even shake his hand out of respect. He proceeds to tell you how much you deserved these gifts due to all your hard work. He showers praise and compliments upon you and it just so happens you forgot to bring a towel.

The devil is symbolic of all that is unearned in this world. To a battle-hardened individual the painted smile is clear. But to someone who has never felt the real expression how could they possibly tell the difference?

These gifts of falsehood and deceit smell foul and rotten to those who have smelt the aroma of earned success before. To someone who has never done so, their nostrils remains unresponsive.

The truth and falsehood sound identical to those who have never heard the rapture of justice before. A forgotten lesson is one that never occurred in his eyes.

You stand wet and shivering wrapped in a den of lies. His praise and compliments have frozen your will solid, like the floor you remain stuck to. Nothing seems unusual because the warmth of true friendship has never been felt. Showing gratitude in this instance is equivalent to self-harm. The twisted knife makes haste into your back to find a closer home to the heart.

The devil is either your worst nightmare or your most favorite of dream. To somebody who has spent time in the trenches sharpening their weapons, the devil’s true nature will be on full display. His tricks are ineffective to those who have put in the time and effort beforehand. Those who have gotten by on immediate gratification will be lulled into a false sense of security by him. They will fall into a comforting sleep by the sound of his soothing voice. Whilst fast asleep he will take what little you have and ensure you never live to ever see a prosperous day.

The devil comes in many forms. The whisper of unaffordable loans or the temptation of drugs. They all promise a quick-fix to a deeply rooted problem. On the surface they may seem like perfectly innocent events, yet underneath the soil the seeds have taken sick. As the seasons change it may take time to show but it will soon become clear, nothing will grow. What you are left with is foul land with no life. No birds can be heard and no signs of foliage remain. All because you wouldn’t endure the pain.

Can There Be Thunder Without Lightning?

Sacrifice is a necessary part of being. It lifts us up from the scourge of nothingness. Sacrifice gives us something to hold onto. To sufficiently embody it, there must be something to let go of. Sacrifice is a raft that leavesĀ it’s hand outstretched across a vast ocean, allowing us to save ourselves from the coming storm. To do so requires us to grab ahold of opportunity when it presents itself. It may not come in festive wrapping finished with a bow. It may in fact come disguised as a misfortune to frighten the infertile. Overcome the trials and witness the revelation of the fortune hidden inside. The mist was carried off in the storm as it does so from time to time.


Riding the storm is a great passion of mine. With lightning bolt in hand I command the waves to do thy bidding. The seven seas appreciate what it is like to run far and run wide, together we have a merry old time. The only thing holding us back is the pull of the tide, especially when the moon chooses to blossom wide. Truly I can understand the werewolves and their fascination with her. She shines bright and fills the whole sky. I know men who have been driven insane by her delight.

How to overcome a fear of thunder and lightning is done much like learning how to walk. We take one step at a time and take one fall at a time. Without the bumps and bruises, night would become quite dull. Wear your battle scars with pride and one day you may be fit to dance with the rain. For now, we practice as her footwork is insane.

The Metal Rattlesnake


We all have weaknesses and this is exactly where we can expect to be tested. Some may be larger than others but chinks are a part of every man’s armour. It is here we are most vulnerable to attack. Thus it is here we must be most fervent in defense. To stand any chance, a concerted effort must be made to avoid getting hit and in fighting back to counter said hits. Challenges will be rained down from behind enemy lines. Blow for blow, each one must be answered with greater vigour than the last.

A siege must be laid on our vices. With artillery and might surround them from every side. The rattlesnake does the same to their prey. It coils around it’s victim allowing no escape. It continues to tighten its grasp until the last air remaining has been expelled from it’s victim’s lungs. Every life has it’s power source and to subdue our vices they must be cut off from theirs. Upwards the rattlesnake climbs as it coils and as it coils it climbs. Like any good viper, there is always uncertainty from outside as to where it will stop. However there is only resoluteness from within.

Vices are a tricky foe, for care must be taken in the process of slaying we do not kill what made us dangerous. Be wary also when you set the rattlesnake on your vices, you do not strangle yourself in the process. Once he is released from his cage, he will be hard fought to return, for our demons grow with use. The genie may not go back into the bottle as easy as it left.

Consume your prize whole leaving no stone unturned. Take pride in your feast, for now is the time to rest and digest and to reflect on a good day’s hunt. The sun sets on today but it will rise again when tomorrow calls. With it brings new life and breath to fill our lungs with – the good news.

Can there be thunder without lightning? The righteous travel together!