How To Get Rid Of Gynocentrism

How To Get Rid Of Gynocentrism

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In the last post, I talked about feminism and immediate solutions that we can use to defeat it or at least use it to our advantage. But feminism isn’t the issue.

In fact, gynocentrism is our main problem, and we can’t defeat it with the tools I described in the last post. However, because the post was about immediate solutions it was important to address feminism directly.

In the grand scheme of things feminism isn’t significant, it’s just the latest incarnation of female nature and gynocentrism.

With that being said lets move on to today’s topic which is long-term goals.

I am going to cover personal and simple goals that each man should have, and as I go on, I’ll get into the more complex and science fiction types of solutions and goals that will solve a lot of the problems we currently face.

The first thing you should focus on is the concept of self-actualization. It’s very personal, which means that every person has to decide what it means to be self-actualized. So everybody’s self actualization is going to be slightly different.

It’s extremely unique to you as a person, it’s what makes you happy, it’s what gives your life meaning. You don’t have to know now what your self-actualization is going to be as long as you are moving in the direction of something you like and want you are good.

Do what makes you happy, do what gives you fulfilment in your life and if somebody doesn’t agree with it, fine that shouldn’t matter.

Your concept of self-actualization is going to be different than mine, we’re all going to be different, we’re all gone have different goals and dreams, remember that.

The next thing is financial independence.

Financial independence can mean being rich or being wealthy, but it can also mean having enough to live the lifestyle that you want.

Things will always cost money, even if you’re living in the woods you’re probably buying something unless you’re completely growing your own food, and knitting your own clothes.

Money is crucial, so you need some form of income. That could be active income or passive income. Meaning you have to go to a job or you have some sort of investment that pays you, and you live of that interest, affiliate marketing, or anything along those lines.

You’re going to need some sort of income to be financially independent. Financial independence is freedom, if you’re not Financial Independent then you have to go to work otherwise you’ll get thrown out of your house, and you’re going to face the gutter. Again, money matters without it you’re fucked.

When you are Financial Independent you can do anything you want, go anywhere you want, wherever you want, etc..

Another benefit of being financially independent even tho lots of people don’t talk about it is that you have free speech, also called “fuck you money”. The truth is, in today’s politically correct climate only the independently wealthy have true free speech.

People who are not yet financial independent have to worry about things like getting doxxed. People who still have a job have to hide their identity online, so they don’t get screwed over by some fat ugly blue haired cunt, and I respect that.

I wouldn’t use my real persona online if it weren’t for my business.

The third goal is to defend and expand male spaces

Women have invaded pretty much every male space there is. Every time men create a new space, women invade it in the name of equality or some other bullshit, and then they destroy it and drive out the men, and they use government and laws to do it.

Men cant legally bar women from invading their spaces, however, women CAN bar men from invading THEIR spaces.

There can be women only this, and women only that, nobody bats an eye but if anyone says “men only” OMG it’s so sexist, and all of the harpies go ham.

The gynocentric society does not like men congregating without women there to police and moderate them.

But where as physical spaces are finite since they can be invaded and subsequently taken off by women, the internet is virtually infinite. Everytime women take over a male space like a forum, or a website men can just create an exact duplicate of that very cheaply and very quickly, and sure the process will repeat itself over and over again, but men can do this forever because the internet is infinite.

You can see it in the manosphere you had the Men’s right movement which exists for decades but as women began to infiltrate and began to change the tone of MRAs the people left. That’s where MGTOW originally came from it’s an offshoot of MRA’s.

As long as the internet is there, as long as the internet is infinite this can go on forever.

This is why censorship is coming to the internet. Feminism, social justice, and gynocentrism can not allow this infinite internet to allow men to have their own space, so this is why you are seeing social media clamping down on so-called hate speech.

Of course, there is only hate speech against certain groups. You could insult men especially white men with hashtags like #killallmen all day every day but as soon as you say something about the radicals from the left or Blacklivesmatter you get shit on and censored to death.

All these social media platforms are clamping down on men and anti gynocentric speech.

The solution to this is some sort of TOR or peer to peer network where you can share videos and ideas outside of the established social media platforms or to create our own Media Platforms in the form of a Blog or even new Social Media websites that aren’t politically correct.

While Twitter, Facebook and co. censor us, erase our content, flag us, when it would be on some sort of TOR or your own Media Platform then it will never die, it will exist out in the ether and can be reuploaded as many times as you want.

Starting a blog and taking ownership of your content is probably the best thing you can do. They won’t be able to shut down your website because it’s your property. You can write and talk about everything you want, you can upload videos, podcasts, pictures, everything it’s all yours, so the thing you need to do is create a blog or some sort of Platform and speak your mind & share ideas without getting censored, doxxed etc.

Next thing to talk about is political and social reforms

Now this is something that can work but the chances are slim. It’s not very conceivable, especially in a democratic society where women are the majority of voters. The only way to get women on board is to give them something they don’t already have since women effectively control everything, and everything is pandering and catered to them.

So how are you going to offer them something that they don’t already have? This was the issue with the equal rights amendment back in the 70s.

Women were given the chance to be equal, and they rejected it because there were nothing further in it for them. They already achieved all the benefits of equality without any of the responsibility. Why would they take this additional responsibility for no additional benefit?

As I mentioned before I don’t think we should rely on politics for change, politics is slow, it just takes a lot of time for things to change (if they ever change) and therefore it’s not the best solution to solve these problems. That doesn’t mean that politics is useless it’s just not the most efficient way.

Moving away from poltics and social reforms since there are other things we can do and should focus on.

For example, instead of putting all your effort into politics and trying to reform feminist law, you should fight for male contraception, ectogenesis including the artificial womb, cloning and sex robots.

Those things won’t be the game changers a lot of people think they will be. What they will do however, is they will take away the monopoly of women, they’ll attack the pedestal they are currently standing on.

Women will still have the comparitive advantage over those technologies. For example, if we are creating a baby through artificial wombs, it will probably cost about a million dollars. Which is pretty reasonable considering all the technology involved.

That’s still more expensive than a woman. So a woman is still comparatively cheaper than an artificial womb, so she still has an advantage. In addition to that the artificial womb still requires a woman’s egg, if you want to have something like an artificial egg that’s even more expensive.

The technology will get more advanced and cheaper over time, but initially it’s going to serve as competition for women, but its not going to outright replace them.

With this technology and ectogenesis, with the artificial egg and womb, scientist will also create artificial sperm. This will give rise to feminist believing that they can create their own utopia without men.

However, this is still a desireable move for us because this technology will still take away the monopoly power that women have over men. If men want to reproduce they have to deal with women, there’s no alternative right now.

A man’s role is survival based while a woman’s role is reproductive based. However, while society particularly government and law enforcement have replaced a mans survival function nothing has replaced a women’s reproduction function. That’s why I say that this is still a desireable outcome for us since this would create at least some competition for that function, if not replace it overtime as the technology became more advanced. Keep in mind tho that this is a long-term process ,but it’s definitely a thing that we should support, if not with our money then at least with our voice and our votes.

The last two points I want to discuss are related to our environment and our genetics

Gynocentrism is a product of both, so if we want to change and eliminate gynocentrism we have to change one of these two factors. We either have to change our genetics or our environment.

Now, in the past, men had some frontier they could go to. A man who didn’t fit into collectivist society could go somewhere else.

The problem right now is that there’s nowhere to run to anymore, so I think the solution for this would be to change the environment and bring back that frontier through space exploration and colonisation.

I don’t think this is going to happen any time soon but people are already talking and planning trips to Mars and over-time this idea will become more valid.

The last point is genetic manipulation or fusing with machines, essentially creating a cyborg. This is easily the most science-fictiony solution, but it actually solves the problem at the source.

The way to solve the problem is to eliminate human reproduction, to eliminate sex and gender itself so you would have to do this by basically making humans asexual reproductive, or get rid of our sexual reproduction altogether and rely on the artifical eggs, sperm and wombs.

Of course, we wouldn’t be human beings anymore, and I don’t even know if that is even possible we’d have to completely map the human gene out, and we’d have to find a way to change the DNA to eliminate all genetic diseases like cancer Alzheimers etc.

We’d have to get to that point and then we have to move beyond that one and incorporate animal DNA and human DNA to give us certain characteristics that we find desireable.

To eliminate gynocentrism you have to eliminate the genders the sexes sexual reproduction as a whole.

Because sexual reproduction is the origin of the problem, because women are the gatekeepers of reproduction because they produce fewer eggs than men produce sperm they are inherently more valuable for reproduction, and because they are more valuable they are elevated and protected hence gynocentrism. So to eliminate gynocentrism we have to change the dynamics of human reproduction.

So to recap what I talked about:.

Number 1

Self-actualization find what makes you happy in life that’s your primary goal as an individual

Number 2

Financial independence money makes the world go around no matter what you’re doing you need money depending on your goal you might need more or less but learn how to make some cash

Number 3

Defend and expand male spaces

Censorship is coming. We need to figure out a way to either stop it or to get around it.

Number 4

Political, social reform

It’s desirable but it my not be feasible at least not in our current democratic society

Things we should fight for are sex robots, artifical wombs, and male conception since it breaks the monopoly women have over reproduction

Number 5

Space exploration and colonization

Give humanity a new frontier.

and finally

Number 6

Genetic manipulation. That is the most drastic step and the most science-fictiony step, but you can argue that it sovles the problem.

Those are my thoughts about long-term goals and what we can do to beat this beast called Gynocentrism.

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