how to destroy feminism

Hello, and welcome to Part 2 of the 4 Part Series. [Part 1] [Part3] [Part4]

In the first part, we established that women are always superior to men, they get treated better because of their eggs since they are more valuable than the sperm. So far so good. In this post I’m going to talk about “immediate solutions”.

Things that men can do right now to better their lives in this gynocentric society and yea I’d even dare to say, abuse it and get the best of it.

But first, let’s list some of the negative aspects of living in a gynocentric society.

Well, where should I start right, ha? I think marriage is a great topic to start on.

This includes things like biased marriage and divorce laws, the fact that a woman gets half of your shit upon divorce, she gets your kids half your pension retirement, in addition to that you also have things like a woman can sperm jack you, she can take your sperm without your consent and you are still liable to support her and her children, even if she used fraud and deceived theft to get pregnant.

You also have things like “yes means yes” and “regret rape.” Where you can have sex with the woman, consensual sex, and then down the road she may decide that you raped her, and then she has you on the hook. Now you have to proof your innocence somehow which is not impossible with video evidence but let’s say it’s rare that you can prove it.

In addition to these problems you also have things like the fact that a woman can physically beat a man, and the man can’t defend himself because should he attempt to defend himself he becomes the aggressor.

Even worse is that it’s even socially looked down upon for the men to turn the women in for assault. Even when a man is clearly the victim of a female attack or even female rape. They call him weak or a coward or something like that for standing up for his right against a female aggressor, it’s madness.

Lastly, there are varies laws which promote women over more qualified men at things like academia the workplace, government, welfare, etc.

Women have a  preference in almost every situation.

So these are some of the problems of living in a gynocentric society as a man.

So what can you do to protect yourself from these negative elements?

Don’t get married!

This will protect you and your assets from a gold digging whore to divorce rape you and take half your shit, and making you a wage slave. Simple 101 really.

However, if you continue to date and associate with women you still run the risk of things like palimony, common law marriage, regret rape, yes means yes, all that stuff.

An ex-girlfriend can accuse you of raping her, destroy your career, hold your money hostage, blackmail you, extort money, etc. and there’s nothing you can do about it because you are guilty until proven innocent. Thanks to our gynocentric society.

The woman knows she has that leverage, and if you have any sexual contact with her, you are basically at her mercy unless you video tape the entire encounter.

So how do you protect yourself from all of this? Well, the only thing you can really do is cut off your associations with women as much as possible. Now, of course, this isn’t for everyone, and I don’t say that you have to do it, it’s just an option to prevent all of this shit from happening to you.

But you have to understand the risks you are taking by continuing to date and associate with women. Now if you understand these risks, and you continue to associate with women at least have some situational awareness, be careful.

Now let’s say you decided to never get married and you stopped associating with women as much as possible, this still won’t protect you from this anti-male society.

Women are still going get promoted over you in certain careers.

They’ll be protected by varies welfare programs that are only available for women. While no welfare programs are available only for men.

There’s going to be all these ancillary times in life where you as a man are going to be at a disadvantage just because you’re male, because society goes out of it’s way to protect and provide for women

So how does a man address these issues? These are societal issues and no matter what a man does in his personal life whether he commits never to get married whether he cuts of association with women what can he do to protect himself and compensate for these issues?

Well, there actually is something that YOU can do, and I don’t mean this to be a joke.

The solution is to identify as a black lesbian muslim transgender…. yes crazy I know but bear me with me, and I’ll explain how this could end feminism once and for all while giving you all the benefits.

“You cannot use reason and logic to defeat someone who is inherently unreasonable and illogical, you can only out crazy them.”

So how do you outcrazy feminism? Easy. You outfeminist the feminist! And you do this by using intersectional feminism(4th way feminism)

This is hilarious because we just need to ride the wave and 4th feminism will do all the work for us.

Feminism in and of itself is going to self-destruct. We can already see this happen, they are eating themselves and it happened faster than expected so what we can do in order to speed up this process is to identify as trans+black+muslim+lesbian.

Once you do that you’re untouchable because of their own shitty agenda they won’t lay a fucking finger on you, and you can destroy this cancer from within using their tactics against themselves.

Now why should this work? Feminists are stupid, but they are not that retarded, right? They won’t fall for this trick, right? Wrong! Take a look at this Women of the year

Now you probably still think: You can’t make this shit up and pretend to be a black person even tho you are white, right! Nope wrong again. Let’s take a look at these two special snowflakes:

Shaun King and Rachel Dolezal both pretend to be black even tho they are clearly not. They even invented a term for it called “Race dysphoria/Transracial” and it obviously is horse shit but it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it works!

Here you have two white people who pretend to be black, they claim to be victims, and people went along with it, it’s hilarious.  They didn’t go to a psychiatrist and get confirmation that they have “racial dysphoria” they just pretended to be black, and it fucking works.

And if you still think that there are limits to pretending to be a black Muslim lesbian trans women then let me introduce you to this really special snowflake.

This old man pretends to be a 6-year-old girl…. I know, but you know what? He gets away with it.

All of this begs the question where does it come from? How come that people start to identify as six-year-olds even tho they over 50 or whites who say they are black? Well, all of this stems from 4th-way feminism, and that’s the key point to all of this.

This wave of feminism is the mechanism where by feminism will eat itself.

Milo Yiannopoulos made the prediction that the next big developed within the feminist community will be Minority Wars.

Now from how intersectional feminism is logically arranged it will over long periods of time continue to introduce new criteria on which to carve up people and distribute oppression. This in turn will continue to fragment feminists in to ever smaller casts. Until eventually feminism will be nothing but gang warfare. Not only will there be gang warfare for a while but fourth-way feminism will also destroy the foundation of feminism as a whole.

Because 4th feminism destroys the concept of gender, and I want you to imagine the endgame of this.

Imagine if 4th-way feminism was successful and the concept of gender became completely fluid and arbitrary. Anybody can claim to be anything; That would completely undo decades of feminist laws.

Imagine a government official calling a business and asking how many women work there; you can say all of our employees are women, he could ask how many black women are working in your office, again all of them can be black they can even be all Muslim it doesn’t fucking matter. And when they come to see if that’s true and they see only white men it doesn’t matter because all of them would identify as black lesbian muslim women, it’s checkmate. That way we would destroy feminism completely or rather feminism itself destroyed itself completely.

That’s the beauty of it. Through intersectional feminism, men can reassert themselves in the work place, and feminism will actually support them, and if anyone says that you are not a transgender black lesbian muslim women, then you can sue them for discrimination because you are a protected class.


Things we can do as men to better our lives. Obviously don’t get married that will protect you from the worst aspects of a gynocentric society. Next thing is to strongly consider to restrict your association with women. And finally the big controversial step. Consider identifying as a transgender lesbian and supporting 4th feminism, whether openly or secretly. Because this is the weapon where by feminism murders itself.

So please tell me what you think. Obviously I am aware that those are controversial solutions but tell me your thoughts.

Thank you for reading and in the next part I am going to talk about Long-term goals!

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