How To Upgrade Your Brain Software

We have a great deal of potential in us thanks to our brain, but most people run the wrong software and therefore are wasting that potential or are unable to access it because of self-limiting believes and mindsets.

What do I mean by “wrong software”?

Software in your brain is similar to a Mindset, a certain set of beliefs that you hold.

Now, this Mindset, the software, can have bugs, it can be flawed, and some people even have Malware in their system, things like ideologies or wishful thinking.

You also have to understand how your hardware works (your brain) and you have to run the right software.

The right software also implies what you can and cannot achieve, it includes your limits & short-comings but also your successes and strong suits.

There is a simple solution as to how to improve the weak parts of your brain software, and that is upgrading your software or outright replacing it with a new and better one.

How To Upgrade Your Brain Software?

By becoming self-aware.

What is self-awareness?

“Self-awareness means introspection and the ability to recognize yourself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals.”

So, by becoming self-aware and learning how your current system operates you gain the ability to take control and upgrade that software.

Once you know how things work you can discard what limits and hurts you and add new things that benefit you i.e. optimize it.

You do that by learning new things, thinking more positive for example. Thoughts release chemicals in your brain and shape your neural pathways and they’re a necessary tool in your repertoire, eating healthy, working out, just to name a few.

Simple things like that will improve you and your brain software and even your hardware to some extend since you change the neural connections in your brain.

Understand how your machine works, and then use these new insights to get in control of your machine.

Knowing who you are and how you work is of utmost importance when it comes to improving yourself.

Workout, read, educate yourself, do these things daily and strengthen the neural pathways to shape your new software.

The best way to upgrade your software is to understand how your brain works.

Sadly, you can’t download files like in The Matrix and learn Martial Arts instantly like Neo, but you can download files in the sense of reading and learning about topics that benefit and interest you.

For example, go on the internet and google how to work-out properly, how to do X, you can find everything on the web.

Once you found what you were looking for you can upload that information to your brain. It’s that simple, and it works.

As I said, software is similar to mindset but way more advanced than that. After all once it’s in place it can be corrupted by malware, viruses, trojans etc.

Those dangers could be ideologies, false beliefs, magical thinking, religion, the list is endless. Everything that corrupts your thinking abilities and is not based on reality but based on wishful thinking can be put into these harmful categories.

Mindset is the software you are running in your brain.


Think of your brain as a computer that you can upgrade on a daily basis. We all run software in our brain and often times it’s flawed due to ideologies, wrong beliefs, social conditioning, lack of critical thinking (or complete lack of thinking for that matter) religions, etc.

The beauty of all of this is that you have the ability to change and fix this flawed software through self-awareness and constant self-improvement, working out, learning, reading, and applying.

I hope you see the value in this concept since there is nothing holding you back besides your flawed software (mindset) and you have all the tools you need at your disposal, it’s in your head, your brain.

Know thyself.

As always thanks for reading and until next time,

-Titus Hauer

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