Why Being Humble Is Stupid

Being humble is known to many as the “right way” to be in almost all situations. Some will say being humble is some sort of a reflection towards your confidence. I think its an unfortunate state of being. To me, being humble is holding back. For some its a cover up, an excuse.

Being humble is 100% bullshit

If you haven’t accomplished anything on your own, its easy to be humble. In fact, you better be humble if other people have helped you get to where you are.

If you have accomplished a lot on your own, with very little help from others, its hard to be humble. Besides, there’s really no good reason to be. What? To make unsuccessful people feel comfortable? The same people who probably wouldn’t even support you anyway when you say you have a crazy new idea?

3 Ideas To Consider

  1. Being humble is a cop-out for not admitting you’re lack of self empowerment and self-discipline.
  2. Others, like me, we need people when absolutely necessary but we prefer to do it ourselves if we can. We help ourselves. We become who we need.
  3. Of course you’re going to be humble if you don’t know how to do anything awesome on your own. Why is being humble a good thing?

You say: What about arrogance?

Having a big ego is the result of doing it all on your own. The way you portray your ego is up to you. Some ways are effective and other ways are not — its all perspective.

Whether you’re arrogant or not, some people think you may be a complete stuck-up when you’re really just a quiet person.

I say: What about confidence?

Confidence is this. Confidence is sharing your views with the world even if many won’t agree. Confidence is courage. How do you know when someone is being confident vs being arrogant anyway?

Arrogance, by definition is: Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

What if you’re not exaggerating? What if others are just so insecure about themselves that they perceive you as arrogant in comparisons to their attitude?


Oh really?

Think about what the quote above is implying. Are you afraid of being wrong? Why? Are you only being humble because you’re scared of being wrong? I’m not scared of being wrong, what does that make me? Arrogant?


Oh really?

Don’t we all “fall” whether we have pride or not? More than once?

Besides, if the purpose is to teach humility, wouldn’t “falling” probably make you humble anyway? Why would you shy away from a path that may lead to humility? :p

When should you be humble?

I suggest being humble in the terms of education. Some people tend to have a problem with this and do almost nothing to solve it. You don’t know everything, humble yourself in that aspect.

However, just because you don’t know EVERYTHING doesn’t mean you don’t know enough to feel confident.

In terms of accomplishments and for what you know to be fact, being humble is stupid. The only people who could not agree, are those who haven’t accomplished anything without the help of others.

Don’t get me wrong — some people need help, I understand that. Some people are lazy and insecure they rather cover it up with a nice sounding word to describe themselves otherwise, I understand that too.

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