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The Good And Bad About Joe Dispenza

The words written here came from a good friend of mine who read Joe Dispenza and I very much share his opinions here hence the post for you and what you can expect from the books.

I may not recall everything I gathered about him right now but here is my take on Joe Dispenza

What he does with placebo and neuroscience is based on real things. Placebo exists and it works. The examples he gathered from history and contemporary issues can’t be denied. He explains all about placebo and how it works until the end of the book and I believe he does that so we will give a greater meaning to the meditations that are instructed in the book. Which he also explains another requirement of meditations – you have to believe in them and give great meaning to the act.

Things start to go down from here.

In the last chapter of his placebo book he provides you with two meditations, one takes about 45 minutes and eliminates one old belief and replaces it with another one. The other one takes about an hour and does it to two beliefs.

Beliefs are not tangible and you can’t put a certain amount of time to replace them, like putting a price tag on a product. This is the first red flag.

The second one is he gives you the meditation texts but also offers you buy them recorded online and listen to them. We all know how desperate sick people can be – I know from personal experience – and some people actually buy those records as MP3, $10 each. When you go to the forums about these meditations, you see they don’t work. Nobody is actually able to tell how exactly do those meditations work.

There are some people tho, who claim to heal from severe diseases but these testimonials are also in the book – literally the same ones. Which brings us to another point. He gives us three examples of healings from severe diseases (take note, every example is about recovering from severe diseases which is a sales technique, if you make them believe it covers even the worst, your readers will believe it will cover their relatively less severe illness too) and all these three are so perfectly crafted that there are only two possibilities, either they are written by the author himself or the patients were so perfectly hypnotized that they all spoke to Joe in the same manner, same way of speaking.

Like hypnotized cult members. I believe it is the first, he writes them himself.

He shares EEG results and other things, talks about people who recovered and how he recovered from a severe injury himself but here is the thing: all those EEG results could be produced in a photoshop program to look real.

I mean there are so many possibilities that discards them as reliable proofs. Also there is no evidence of his severe injury he talks about in the beginning of both his books and people are questioning this in the forum as well.

These are what I recall at the moment.

Closing thoughts

The bottom line is this: Placebo works, there is a potential to quantum field and all that and these two subjects and the connection between them as described in the book by Joe are worth studying. But since we want to use these to our benefit ASAP, his meditations are useless.

As always thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next one!

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