Less is more

Keeping things simple, or not making them complicated in the first place will help you to increase your productivity. The same goes for splitting things into several parts or cutting them out completely.

I noticed that first hand today.

I am writing a book about Neuroscience at the moment and I wanted to inlcude everything in it, or rather I didn’t think there was another way nor did I have the intention to split it into several books, and that’s where my thinking was flawed.

Writing The Book

I sat there for a while struggling with constructing flow. Meaning that one chapter goes smoothly into the next, making connections between points that were made, linking one thing to another but I was unable to do that.

That’s when I realized that I had to split it into pieces to make it flow.

When I was working on this monster of a book I struggled, I had problems with focusing and concentrating, sometimes I didn’t even write at all because it gave me headache after headache, I got bored several times because I sat infront of this big chunck of info that I couldn’t put together, it didn’t flow and how could it?

Despite the fact that I had so much information which was relevant and could be connected with one another I was unable to make it smooth. It always turned out forced and didn’t fit altough the information and explanations were correct but reading it felt wrong.

Instead of being light and smooth it was heavy and forced. It was too much.

That’s when I started to split it into pieces (2 as of now and it might go up to 3) and who would’ve thought? It flows, it’s smooth, I wrote page after page and the first book will be done soon.

I think we can all relate to a point in life where we had too much of X or that your goal was too big to handle for example.

When you encounter that, try to cut it down or split it into several parts to make it smooth. This doesn’t only work for books but for almost everything.

Do you have big goal? Then cut the goal into several tiny puzzle pieces and put them together one after another until you’ve completed the puzzle i.e. achieved your goal.

It’s simple and it works, it even works for complex subjects such as Neuroscience books so I am quite confident that this is one of the best tools to get more done without getting a headache, bored, or tired.


Less is more, and try to keep things simple. If you struggle with something see if you can cut it down, or split it in half or as many pieces as you’d like.

It makes it less complicated, it gives the thing you are working on some air to breath, it gets lighter and eventually smooth, you’ll create flow by cutting or splitting things into several pieces, even complex things can be simplified.

Thanks for reading and until next time,

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