Rise above it all as a hardened man
Rise above it all as a hardened man

Expect it all to come at you every day. Expect there to be chaos and difficulty; not in a pessimistic sense, but in a realistic one.

There is just so much going on at once in this world, so much complexity and so many competing interests there is just no way to avoid it. Shit happens as they say. And sometimes, chaos and difficulty will go off the rails and manifest into tragedy. This is indeed life as we know it.

Stoic philosophy would tell you that none of this should surprise you. As a man you are aware that people and things can and will go wrong. It should be obvious by now that disorder and malevolence pervade human existence.

It follows then, that if you are affected by difficulties and you let them get you down, then the blame for your degraded state of mind rests with you. With the exception of unexpected personal tragedy, it should all be expected as par for the course.

Why should any of this surprise you? You are keenly aware of the realities of life at this point. You are no longer a child, but a hardened man. And legitimate men of character handle things. They stand tall, they shoulder the load and they get things done, regardless of the circumstances. So this is what you will do.

You will rise above it all and Make the Journey Its Own Reward. Yes, even when disorder and the storms of life roll in. At its core, life is about facing challenges and making things right as best as you can. And in the end, this is what will develop your character and purify your Soul.

It is not success that makes the man. Success will simply reveal who he is. It is difficulty and struggle that will ultimately cultivate the greatness within.

So you will embrace the challenges of life and expect them to continue as a matter of course. In fact, the more you get done and the higher you go, the more there will be. This is simply the natural order.

But no matter what comes, you will still pursue Your Life’s Destiny—you will become the very best you can be and fulfill the promise of your innate God given potential. This is how you will justify your life and add meaning and purpose to every day.

You will create order and symmetry out of chaos.

You will embrace the struggle.

And when tragedy strikes you will push back in Righteous Defiance.

Live your life as such and then glory in the truest sense will be yours.

Intrinsic Order and Symmetry

Add a measure of elegance to all that you do by creating order and symmetry out of the disorder that comes your way. For both the extrinsic and intrinsic make sure everything within your control is in its proper place and within its proper balance.

Disorder and chaos will add stress and confusion to your life. They will endeavor to push you off track and slow you down. Circumstances and people, by their very nature will act like a crosswind impeding your forward progress. They will add confusion and complexity. And they will become a drain on your reserves if unattended to. This is all to be expected.

For those things over which you have no control, you will simply let be. There is no need to spend any time or mental energy in areas outside of your sphere of influence. Relieve yourself of a tremendous burden by letting go of that which you cannot control.

Commit to this frame of mind as the foundation to getting your life in order. Make it the first step in removing unnecessary clutter. Let things be and focus only on what you can control. This will clear a path and allow for maximum focus. It will allow you to drill down on what you can directly affect and add clarity to each day.

Another intrinsic step in your quest for a clean, razor sharp edge is to plan for the future, but learn to live your life in the present moment. Free your mind of the past, set the future aside and focus on the Now. Once again, this will create clarity. And it will also create order and balance.

Within each day and beyond, you will focus on one thing at a time and set everything else aside. First thing in the morning, write out your action list for the day. And then work through each item sequentially, crossing them out as you go.

Make this a daily habit, and you’ll develop the confidence to know that no matter how much you have to do, you will handle it all; one task at a time. And if you don’t get it all done that day, you will simply roll it over to the next.

There will be no need to worry about what needs to be done beyond the specific item of the moment. You will become much more efficient, enjoy peace of mind and take pleasure along the way.

Live on a higher plane
Live on a higher plane

Extrinsic Order and Symmetry

Since we live in a physical world you will also need to take control of the extrinsic. You will pare down your physique and set your house in order.

There’s nothing like walking around at your physical prime. It’s pretty hard to let much bother you when it looks as if you were chiseled out of marble. Cutting the weight necessary to reveal the anatomy chart within and putting in the work to remain exceptionally fit, will put you on a higher plane each day. This is something you will never regret.

People will simply respect a man more if it’s obvious he is fit and powerful. Men will step out of the way and women will stand a little closer than they should. These are some enjoyable social benefits that will help put the wind at your back as you pursue your objectives.

The extra energy and drive you will accrue from being on point physically will also add tremendous momentum to your endeavors. Developing some muscle mass and explosiveness will allow you to function at a higher rate for longer periods of time. This will lead to better production, more enjoyment and more success.

Having a solid physical aspect to your nature will also add some balance to your life. Combining the order and symmetry of your mind with the same for your health and fitness will simply make you more resilient. Each side of your persona will complement the other and result in accelerating returns.

And when you come back at the end of each work day to your Spartan home, you will make it a respite from the clutter and chaos of the outside world. There’s nothing like the feeling walking in to a home that is razor sharp in cleanliness, order and space.

Chances are you could probably do without 80-90 percent of your possessions. If you haven’t used something in the past year, then get rid of it. Clear out your home. Keep a few nice things, but create some open space. It’s this space that will allow you to appreciate what you do have and create order and symmetry.

Just as looking out into an open meadow on a cool summer morning or out into the water and sky of a beautiful lake on a sunny day, having open space in your home will put you at ease. Especially after a busy and hectic day, no man will benefit from coming home to a cluttered and disorganized house.

Look forward instead to always having a peaceful and orderly haven to fall back on and recuperate for the next great sunrise. Go minimalist and Go Spartan. Keep a few nice things, create lots of open space and exalt in the mastery of your domain.

Yes indeed, create order and symmetry in your life and you will Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

Embrace the Struggle

If you continue along the path here at Becoming a Force of Nature, eventually things will get easy in a sense. You will operate at a different level and you will handle it all with composure, confidence and ease. Such are the benefits of bending the natural order in your favor.

But to get to that point you are going to have to embrace the struggle. There is just no way around it. Just as with heat treated metal, it will take trial, difficulty and gut busting effort to harden your character and manifest your innate greatness.

Look at it this way, if there is no real discomfort in your life then you are not doing enough to push yourself. With the principles of your Life Mission as the foundation for your actions, make a break for it. Light your damn life on fire. Pull the trigger on your Life Vision and tear after it. And then take comfort in the discomfort.

Begin purely on faith if you have to and have the guts to strike out. Take action and find your way. Action will lead to more action and then action will lead to inspiration. You will become a new man and eventually look back in pity; at all that wasted time and all that wasted potential.

You will use the past as a foil for where not to go. It will become a spring board to launch you into a new reality; a reality of excellence, high energy and good living.

At some point, after you’ve weathered challenge, after challenge, after challenge it will begin to dawn on you. You’ve sunk your hooks into it and you will never let go. There is no way you will ever turn back. Your pursuit of personal greatness will continue for its own sake. There is no better way to live.

The bottom line is that to not quit has become reason enough. It has now become a reflex. It is now instinctual. You have acquired a force of Purpose.

And this gentlemen, is a whole other level of Being.

Embrace the struggle, make it a way of life and you will Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

Reach out to a higher realm
Reach out to a higher realm

Righteous Defiance

One day a Storm will sweep into your life and blindside you right off your feet. It will shake you to your core. Everything you understood as certain will be taken away. The circumstances might be of your own doing, perhaps the cause of another or simply without reason. No matter, it’s not a question of if, but simply a question of when. Count on it.

Some of you reading this might very well be in the middle of extreme difficulty right now and know exactly what I’m talking about. And perhaps it’s gotten the best of you to this point. No man is invulnerable. We can all fall.

This is the nature of a Life Storm. It will cut you in half and destroy your core beliefs. You will be left without direction and powerless. All of this will be contrary to your experience and leave you in a state of confusion and without purpose.

But if you’re still breathing, then time will continue to roll on. One day it will be long behind you and you will want to look back and know that despite everything, you countered in Righteous Defiance; that you decided to do everything right for its own sake, regardless of the consequences.

It’s never too late to stand up and take Right Action. Trust me on this. Some Storms will eventually work themselves out and some won’t. There are some things in life one can never get over. But for all that is good in this world, sometimes the only answer is to center your Soul, clench your fists and strike back in Righteous Defiance.

Doing what’s right simply as a matter of principle will get you moving and might very well help things to eventually work themselves out. And if it doesn’t, then at least you can reach out to a higher realm and hopefully create some positive effect through Virtue and Justice.

No man can change the past and no man can see the future. But right now, right here you do have the best fall back position there is for when there is seemingly no answer.

And that position is to press on in Righteous Defiance.

Even if you never have another happy day in your life, at least you’ve got something to hold on to.

At least you’ll know you fought the good fight and, in light of the next life, you will Make the Journey Its Own Reward.

All the best,

Max Panzer

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