How To Be A More Masculine Speaker

How To Be A More Masculine Speaker

Many people put little analytical thought into how they speak. The process of choosing the correct words takes place in your mind, however the tonality and pacing of speech can have just as much importance in communicating. A man with a strong, attractive and masculine voice will be perceived by others as a leader.
So how do you improve your speaking skills to become a more masculine speaker?
First of all, you must remove filler words. Words or phrases such as “uh, um, er, ah, like, okay, right, you know, actually, and basically,” have no place in a man’s vocabulary. These words don’t display confidence, they do quite the opposite and make you appear weak.

You want others to think that you always know what to say. Therefore, you should replace filler words with short pauses. Even better is to refrain from speaking until you can CLEARLY and SIMPLY say what’s on your mind. Don’t be afraid to pause before you speak, in fact short pauses before speaking brings across a thoughtful and coherent response.

Focus on improving your enunciation. How? Easy. Open your mouth wider when you speak, and speak slower.

The best way to get a sense of your enunciation is to record yourself and then analyze it.

Most importantly, focus on the tonality of your voice. Increased testosterone for example decreases the pitch of men’s voices compared to those of women, therefore deeper voices naturally seem more masculine.

However this does not mean you should artificially lower your voice. The best way to create a genuine lowering in voice tone is to focus on breathing and speaking from your diaphragm. A simple way to intentionally breathe from the diaphragm involves keeping your shoulders still while you breath. If your shoulders noticeably rise as you breathe, you are likely breathing from your chest.

Finally, an important strategy to employ is to end your sentences on a downward inflection. Upward inflections at the end of a sentence subconsciously imply a question, therefore a downward inflection makes a sentence feel more firm, and certain.

Summary and Conclusion

Your voice is an important tool in interacting with others, and mastering your voice will be a great asset to your skillset.

Don’t be afraid to record your voice and play it back to yourself. This is often the best way to objectively understand how your voice naturally sounds.

Deeper voices are perceived as more masculine. Focus on speaking from the diaphragm, and end your sentences with a downward inflection.

Hope this helps you out and thanks for reading.


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