How To Stop Being Mediocre

Most people are at sleep, living their mediocre lives. If you want to test this theory just walk outside your house right now and look around you. You won’t see a society of people smiling, being active and creative, generating more output

You’ll see people looking down on their smartphones, mindlessly going about their day.

These people are walking down the street head down going through the motions. You’ll see people in the bus going through the motions, it’s very bland.

That begs the question why are these people at sleep? Why are they looking like Zombies slaving away in their daily lives? The answer is easy. They lack PURPOSE!

They have nothing to live for and look forward to. They wake up in the morning rush to their Job which they hate. They are getting yelled at by their boss.

They’ll  gossip with their co-workers and when they come home they eat junk food, watch TV and go to bed, Repeat.

On the Weekend they could be doing something productive because they have time but they choose to stay at home to play video games, “Netflix and Chill” or meet up with their shitty friends to talk about the newest trivia and celebrity bullshit.

Sounds like a life full of joy and excitement right? People have a mundane life and that’s because of a lack of purpose.

They’ll never achieve greatness. They’ll never accomplish their dreams. They’ll never have a big impact on the world.

They’re living for the evenings and weekends and hope that the time spent working just doesn’t suck too much.

They may have been told that they’re not good enough.

They may think they don’t have the resources to follow their true passion.

They may be afraid to try something new after starting down on one path.

The saddest thing of all is that they’ve set the bar so low for themselves that they created a world where it’s ok to be mediocre.

They’ve created an environment of thinking small and being insignificant.

The people they hang out with, the websites they visit, the media they consume, everything in their environment holds them exactly where they are.

Being mediocre has not only become acceptable, but it became the norm.

Because it’s comfortable. Because it’s safe.

If you care about your life then being mediocre should be insulting.

Being mediocre or average is insulting to yourself and your self-esteem. How can you look yourself in the mirror in the morning and go live another boring, uninspired day?

It’s insulting to your family. It’s insulting to your community. It’s insulting to your country.

Your thinking small and being mediocre doesn’t serve anybody.
So what can you do? How do you find your purpose? How do you find something to work for and to live for. A thing that gets you out of bed every morning? How do you prevent yourself from becoming an empty shell in a human body?

The general answer is: Find a hobby or something that you are interested in and do that everyday, give it your all and you’ll find success. But that’s not purpose.

Having a purpose means to be able to see the bigger picture. Yes you can pursue your hobby and make a great business out of it but that is only one piece of the puzzle.

The end result has to be big in order to pull you out of bed every morning. Your mission, your purpose it has to be tremendous.

How do you know if your purpose is big enough? Easy. You have to think BIG people should tell you that it’s impossible to achieve those things. If you hear them say that you are on the right track.

When you find out what your purpose is, your vision, your end goal then you have to lay the first bricks and build the foundation. That could be anything for example if you are stuck in a dead-end Job, quit and start your own business.

Start a drop-shipping business, build a Website, create Nichesites and sell products, become a Freelancer and sell your service, the options are endless.

If it’s important then you’ll change. If it’s important then you’ll make it a priority. If it’s important then you’ll face your fears. If it’s important then you’ll stop making excuses.

If it’s not important enough to you then you won’t do anything about it. You’ll continue doing exactly what you’re doing now.

That’s the difference.
Being mediocre is easy. Anybody can do it. And most people do.
Following your passion, being bold and crazy enough to try to change the world, and standing for something important is hard.
That’s why most fail and live a miserable life.
Find your greatness and break free from the vicious cycle!
As always thanks for reading and until next time

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