1. Psychology

This is the psychology to wealth – how someone REACTS
towards money. Have you ever talked to someone who
seems to be “lucky,” able to “attract” money easily? That’s thanks to the psychology they have with the money.

2. Mindset

You need the RIGHT mindset to achieve wealth and success.
The core reasons one becomes a millionaire boils down to
how you’re able to make powerful decisions and executing
them as perfectly as possible.

3. Opportunity

In order to become a millionaire, you’ll need a platform
to take you there. The opportunity can change all the time
so you’re never stuck with one permanently.

If you can just master these three principles, your life will start
to change.

It has been proven to work as these secrets are from someone
who has DONE it and is LIVING it.

The 3 Types of Income To Become A Millionaire

You need to do something to make money, regardless of taking a very small action or big one. Even if it is just sending emails – that’s still taking action.

If you accept that fact, then it’s obvious you’re on the right track.

To create wealth and becoming a millionaire, you need to have a vehicle or platform. I like to name it as Opportunity because IT IS an opportunity.

Obviously, there are plenty of opportunities to choose from today and it becomes “confusing” when you not know of your purpose.

Different opportunities will give you different types of incomes…

Income Today

This is the income that you’ll need today and within the next 30 days. Basically, this is your life line – you need money right now to not only enjoy your lifestyle, but as fund for your journey to financial freedom.

You have to understand that there’s no liberty to living frugal – you need to use your Income Today to give you the pleasure of what you can afford. You need to continuously reward yourself for taking actions to become successful.

Income Tomorrow

While making money for Income Today, you would also be planning for Income Tomorrow. Income Tomorrow is defined for income that you’ll have within months and can be extended to a year or so.

It creates short-term passive income. For instance, you own a membership website where people are paying you monthly fee.

Millionaire Income

This is where you can be free. You can choose when to work or not to work anymore. The biggest mistake that average people make (which keeps them from millionaire status) is simply not choosing the right Opportunity that can lead to this stage.

Bare in mind that Opportunity can change at any time. Just think it as the vehicle to get you from one place to another place, you’re trying to get from your current level to a higher financial level.

That being, your focus is the destination and you’ll choose whichever of the most suitable vehicle for you to get there.

In my years of making money and creating wealth, I’ve used at least 3 major Opportunities.

It doesn’t mean the more you have, the more money you’ll make. It’s about choosing the right one and stay focus on it.

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