9 Myths That Stand in the Way of Your Dreams

Busting the 10 Myths… The Myths That Say, Quite Convincingly, Why Your Dreams Cannot Be Achieved. Let’s Bust Them!

Myth #1: You cannot create wealth if you don’t have education or money to begin with.

This is nonsense. First, education is important. You simply need to know what to do. It is far easier to follow a proven path than to figure it out yourself by trial and error.

But education can be acquired, no matter who or where you are. Sure, some people may not afford to go to college or even school. But, if you place one foot forward, and then the next, learn one step at a time, you will ALWAYS find the next step.

If you don’t know how to start and run a business and cannot go to business school or whatever, you can always take one step forward, learn something small about business, start somewhere, and you will find someone at the end of that step who will teach you the next step.

And this applies to anything you wish to accomplish! One step at a time always leads you to the goal. Initially it may be a slow start but sooner or later you will gain momentum.

Now, as for money, you also don’t need money to get started. The more you develop your RIGHT information and knowledge and RIGHT network of people, the less you need money!

Myth #2: Time = Money. You cannot earn money without exchanging your time for it.

More nonsense. It is true that at a certain level, time = money. At a certain level. If you are employed by the hour, then, yes, time = money. But this is NOT a universal principle! Passive income, residual income, capital gains and so on are examples of situations whereby money comes without your direct working for it.

Look, production creates money. But it doesn’t have to be your hard direct labor doing the production. If you own the value production system (such as a business, an asset, a book you have written (or paid someone to write for you), a list of buyers in a particular area, a network marketing down line, a membership website whereby you have placed some instructional materials that members pay access fees to you for, shares, a content site with Google AdWords, rental property, etc) or pay someone else to work, then you don’t have to work to enjoy the benefits.

The more you develop your RIGHT information and knowledge and RIGHT network of people, and package yourself to create passive income systems, the less you need to work! The key word there is ‘packaging’. Packaging allows for you to be untied from your work. You can now export, mass produce and mass distribute your strengths, knowledge, skills, resources, etc. Do you know how to achieve self-packaging (and we are not talking about dressing up nicely here)?

Myth #3: The education system is adequate.

It is adequate at training people to get a job, to be artists and doctors and lawyers, and so on. But it does NOT show you how to be financially and time free. It simply doesn’t!

Our current education system was designed in the 1800s to produce people who fit into the work gaps in society, the machinery… It was the industrial age, after all. We needed people to work in the factories, to invent things, to administrate, to provide health services support, and so on.

There was no agenda to teach people to be financially and time free. Maybe, as civilization advances, this will be commonly taught. But at this stage in our civilization, this information is held by less than 2% of the population, perhaps. But all you are missing is this information. Those whom you may admire for having financial and time freedom simply have the information that you don’t.

Myth #4: Work hard, and you will achieve financial liberation

OK, do you really believe that in and of itself, hard work is the key? I know tons of people who work very hard and are still struggling, as I am sure you do, too. And I know several people who are financially free and still choose to work hard. There is nothing wrong with hard work. It is all up to you. And then I know of those who hardly work, and they too are financially and time free. It is up to you.

But what I hope we can agree on is that hard work is not the key. You need to apply your efforts along the right plan, leverage it using the rights systems and people, applying proven processes that lead to achievement time and time again.

Once you have reached a certain level, work is optional, but chances are, because you will most likely reach such a level by doing what you love, you will tend to work anyways! Because you love what you do!

Myth #5: Fix your weaknesses if you wish to succeed.

It is far easier to come from competence (strength) to excellence than it is to come from mediocrity to competence. We all have strengths and weaknesses.

Why bother improve your weaknesses? It takes far too much effort, too much time, and it isn’t fun! Working within your strengths is super-fun, has high growth, and great results.

So why not spend the BULK of your time doing what you love and are strong at, and let those who are strong in your areas of weakness handle your weaknesses for you? It is a synergistic way of looking at things, and if you know how to apply this principle, wow! Your life will zoom up!



Myth #6: Struggle is normal.

No its not. Struggle is a result of not being in the flow. In flow with what? With yourself! With how things work! With the natural order of things! With other people and systems (hence the power of leverage)!

Myth #7: Solve it yourself. Figure it out. Do it yourself (DIY)

Oh, boy, this is a big one! We were raised believing that it is virtuous to figure it out, to solve things. Well, solving things has its place. And its place is in inventions. In things we don’t know about. At one time, we didn’t have mobile phones, now we do. Through figuring it out, trial and error, decades of research, we invented mobile telephony. Now, in 2008, why on earth would you want to re-invent the mobile phone? Just buy one! Its cheaper and faster.

Now, most likely, 99% of your life contains things that have been done well by someone else. And in achieving your dream life, you would be treading a path that has been walked upon in the past by others.

So why not take advantage of global learning and evolution, eliminate trial and error, and simply learn from those who have succeeded before you in the path you wish to follow. We have been told that it is strong, manly even, to figure it out yourself. That it is weak to seek help. Trash those ideas right now and start emulating succeed. Copy success!

Myth #8: Life is risky, play safe.

If you run away from risks, you also run from its rewards. Life rewards risk! Life rewards risk, mightily! And life teaches via failure, guiding the failed to future success. It is far more painful to remain in mediocrity than to try and try again and make it. Life will assist you!

Now, having said that, there is no point being a damned fool about risk. Take risk, but find ways in which you can manage risk. And the best way to manage risk is to get rid of unseen corners, get rid of ignorance. How do you do that? By copying those who have succeeded before you, by learning from those who are there already! Risk management is not the same as risk avoidance. Don’t run from risk; manage it.

Myth #9: Your retirement is handled automatically if you just do your work now at your job.

Anyone up for a good laugh? Hopefully, we all now know that this isn’t true. It just flat out isn’t true. That is a fable that used to be told in the 1950s to new factory workers. Work hard and then retire!

Now we know that those who don’t have their retirement sorted will have 10 to 20 years or more of very hard living at a fraction of their past income. Think about it. If you retire at 65 years of age and live to 80 or more, what kind of life do you think a retirement benefit scheme from your employer will give you? You may end up having to work at a video store after you consume your retirement fund. And at that age, few banks will give you loans, and so on.

Retirement has NOTHING to do with age, and NOTHING to do with being able to live without working. You can retire at 25 years of age if you have put together a passive income system. And without an adequate passive income system, retiring at 65 won’t magically make money come to you. Retirement is simply the ability to stop having to work because you own a system that can replace your income for you.

A long time ago, some governments were able to do this for their citizens, to provide such a system for those who reached a certain age. Hence the common confusion nowadays that retirement has something to do with age and it automatically provides for passive income.

Nowadays, most governments are unable to adequately provide for those who retire simply because they have hit the 65 years of age mark. The benefits available are meager at best. Out of the top of my head, I think that only the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway, have a suitable retirement scheme. The rest just aren’t enough or aren’t there anymore.

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