Neuroscience Is The Key To Self-Improvement

Neuroscience is fairly new and so are the parts of our brain which enable us to think rational and logical.

That’s why so many people use ancient, complicated, wrong or illogical “sciences” to make sense of their brain and their actions. And because of that a lot of people don’t know about it or the benefits and enlightenment it can give you.

Why don’t people behave logically?

Just think about it for a second.

It’s like saying, Why does a computer based on logic have bugs?

Because we don’t teach the computer how to take care of itself and how to handle bugs. Because of that he doesn’t know how to act and fix itself even tho it’s a very logical machine.

We are in a sense very similar to that if not the same, and it’s only now that we start to realize that we are running code and that we have an influence on it.

So if you put the right code on a machine, then it will be able to think for itself and use logic, and it won’t have certain bugs.

Of course, this is just a simple metaphor, but we have a lack of self-knowledge and because of that we have malware and bugs in our system.

This could range from religious beliefs, ideologies, etc. and it’s only through neuroscience that we start to figure out and can figure out how we function, why we feel and act certain ways. That’s why I say that neuroscience is the most powerful tool that we have right now regarding self-improvement.

You are running around with malware, and you can get rid of it with a simple click but because you are not aware of what you are and how you function you keep on running around with the same bullshit that you either picked up somewhere and stuck with or what you learned through social conditioning (college, your peers, family etc.)

But if you are aware that you have the ability to get rid of it then it can increase your potential. A good example would be that you are the A.I. that becomes self-aware and can improve the hardware by itself. You can do that!

You have the ability to upgrade your hardware because the knowledge of the brain shows us that we have the ability to do so. It’s called Neuroplasticity

Those insights can improve you very fast. It helped me in an instant once I wrapped my head around it and saw the possibilities.

It’s because of wrong concepts of identity, ego, and social conditioning that we are confused but if you know how you work and what you are, you can get rid of all the malware in your system with a simple click.

Fascinating right?

That’s why Neuroscience is crucial because it allows you to understand how your brain works, it allows you to make you aware that on a fundamental level you are delusional and have malware on your system but at the same time provides you with the tools to change and get rid of it.

Are Emotions holding you back?

Yes, emotions hold you back, and they are the biggest bug in the equation, the biggest glitch in your system.  It’s the emotional attachment to things and ideas that hold you back. If you weren’t emotional attached you would be a superhuman who always takes the right action, and the best thing is that you have the ability, your brain has the ability to be like that.

Your brain has the ability to be rational because of the prefrontal cortex you just have to train it.

And you train it by acting towards being more rational for example, because by acting towards it, your neural activity becomes more active in your prefrontal cortex and the more active it is, the more you are increasing the neural pathways between the neurons.

Eventually, you become more “superhuman” like, that’s the beauty of neuroplasticity.

Rationality and emotional resilience work the same way; these are neural connections that can be strengthened. But this also applies to negative thinking.

Let’s say you are depressed. When you are depressed, you are training and conditioning yourself to be depressed, and the best way to get out of depression is to shift your neural activity to other parts of the brain that make you feel more fulfilled and that make you happier.

Another example would be this:

You have two elderly people who may have had similar lives, yet one person is perfectly happy while the other is miserable and has a negative view on the same things.

Everything depends on which neurons they have been stimulating throughout their lives. Whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it.

Since this is such a fundamental mechanism of the brain, being self-aware can greatly enrich your life experience.

By understanding how your brain works and overcoming your emotional attachment, you can grow at an abnormal speed. You have so much potential it’s unbelievable, and it’s right in front of you, in fact, it’s in your head, you just have to unlock, understand, and use it.

Closing thoughts

The human brain is a network of approximately one hundred billion neurons. Different experiences create different neural connections, and these bring about different emotions.

Depending on which neurons get stimulated, certain connections will become stronger and more effective while others may become weaker.

This is called neuroplasticity.

Virtually any talent or skill can be created through training.

Rüdiger Gamm for example, who was a self-admitted hopeless student, used to fail at basic maths and went on to train his abilities to become a famous mental calculator, capable of performing extremely complex mathematics.

Understanding the brain has been a big leap forward for humanity. However, it takes time to propagate through society and to shape our psychological understandings of who we are.

Hope you enjoyed it and until next time.

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