Objective goals

Can we have objective goals instead of goals that one subjectively desires? Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

There are a few things I highly value, among them are 1) Rationality and 2) The Truth

Rationality is essentially what makes us human and better than the other animals on this planet.

Our ability to rationalize is the very thing that makes us different and superior from other organisms. Being able to make intentional, calculative decisions, creating and living in a state where you have complete control over your thoughts and actions.

I also value the truth. In my pursuit for truth, I could care less about subjective views. If I would hold a loaded gun at someone’s head and pull the trigger, then it wouldn’t matter how much he subjectively believed that the bullet didn’t exist. He’d get a bullet in his head, that’s the power of reality and truth.

The truth is unaffected by your beliefs or someone else’s views. It needs no one to recognize it as true to be true.

So what does this have to do with today’s topic?

The thing I want to talk about today is if it’s possible to have an objective goal and not a goal one subjectively desires.
I know that it’s possible to have a goal that is entirely irrational and I know that at the same time it’s possible to rationalize the best way to accomplish said goal.

Is it possible to have a goal that is objective?

A goal that is not subjective. This would mean that everyone has been following the goal, whether they know it or not, whether they want to or not.

I came to the conclusion that yes, there is something that everyone follows, not just everyone, but every living thing. That something is called Exotropy.

What is Exotropy?

A word created by Kevin Kelly and defined as negative entropy.

Here is a Ted Talk worth watching in which he talks more about exotropy

The fact is that, every living thing tries to reach a greater state of complexity, power and control.

Another thing that all Exotropic things strive to acquire is power.

Because power = control and every living thing tries to obtain more power in order to take control.

Survival is also the goal of these Exotropic forces, but the derivative of that goal is to control. To survive you must be able to physically control the environment around you.

One thing that greatly determines control, is your ability to perceive and understand the world around you.

Hence, the reason why humans have so much power.

The strive for control and power is deeply ingrained in our very nature and we are an ever advancing exotropic force.

Everyone of us tries to obtain more power in order to control. Even a person who says he doesn’t want control, even that guy wants at least enough control and power to say those words.

The strive for power is an inescapable inherent function of life, and all exotropic forces.

Moving forward and getting better is simply what life has always been doing.

The strive towards control is also shown in Alex Wissner-Gross equation for intelligence.

This TED talk is about a new equation for intelligence, and it provides a solid definition as to what intelligence is.

To explain it briefly, the definition is that intelligence is behavior or rather a system that tends to maximize the possible future states of that system.

It is essentially saying, that intelligence not just tries, but is the process of acquiring as much control as possible.

What’s also an interesting prospect, is that it might be possible to use this equation to calculate what our next course of action should be.

What’s even more interesting, is that this self-evolving Exotropic system has created an organism that no longer has to change itself to fit its environment, but it can change its environment. That organism is technology and with that we are heading into the technological evolution and as such, another form of Exotropy.

What do you notice as humans advance in technology? We gain more control of our environments, we gain, more power.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

-Titus Hauer

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