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How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

Did you achieve your set goals? My guess is that you didn’t and that barely anything changed in your life. I say that because most people are unable to get the things done.

They procrastinate, they use excuses like “I don’t have time” and they lack self-discipline. Now don’t get upset because it is easy once you get up and take action it just takes one step to get things going.

Let’s say you gave up on the goals that you set for yourself. And now you’re sitting there wasting away doing nothing about them. You’re setting goals for yourself every single day. You’re setting goals because you want to become a better version of yourself.

Always remember that there is a reason you want to accomplish these things, so respect that desire and do something about it.

The Problem with How You Set Goals

There is a common mistake we often make when it comes to setting goals. We set deadlines, but we don’t set a schedule.

You usually focus on the end result that you want to achieve and the deadline you want to do it by. It sounds like this, “I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of summer” or “I want to add 55 pounds to my bench press in the next 15 weeks.”And most of the time it’s not even that specific. The general goal setting sounds much like this ” I want to lose weight” or “I want to make more money” and that’s it.

The problem with that is that those people aren’t specific enough in their attempt to achieve the goal and if they don’t hit the timeline that they set in the beginning, they’ll feel like a failure and they give up.

Other techniques to achieve your goal!

Break it down

Many people give up because their goals are too big.

Let’s say you want to become your own boss. It’s not going to happen over night especially if you’re working in a 9-5. So break it up into little chunks. Start by finding out what your passion is. Once you figured that out you can launch a Website and see where that takes you. Create milestones to get there and see each of those as tiny goals. A milestone could be a percentage of traffic increase on your website, or reaching your first 100 clients or earning a certain amount of money. Breaking the big goal into small ones and accomplishing them step by step will make it much easier for you to fire your boss and starting your own business!

Be realistic

If you want to cure cancer, great but that’s pretty unrealistic. I know there are some crazy people out there who achieve the craziest of things but since you’re reading this right now and you have trouble to achieve the goals you set out for yourself, it’s unlikely that you’re going to be the next Austrian farm boy who moves to America to become Mr.Olympia, one of the highest paid actors of all time and the governor of California! Simple put, you’re more likely to reach goals that you realistically set for yourself.

Maybe you won’t become a body builder or a famous actor, but you can sure as hell get in the Gym and transform your body to walk around confidently in your favorite outfit in no time, if you put in the effort and determination!

Don’t set yourself up for failure by letting your dreams get bigger than your abilities. That’s not to say don’t set hard goals for yourself, just make sure they’re attainable.

Commit to yourself

There’s only one person in this process that matters and that is YOU. You’re the only one who has to put in the hours at the gym. You’re the one who needs to hustle every day to make your business a Success. It’s all on you. Commit to yourself and then re-commit yourself each time you fail.

Facts about Goals

Remember that in order to achieve your goals, you must act according to your goals. Otherwise, everything else would be vanity if you do not exert effort in reaching them.

Setting goals does not mean that you always fail. Setting goals means that you are acknowledging your limitations and you are ready to work your way up towards success, professionally or personally. It is for this reason why objective goals matter.

Stay focused on your benefits and don’t procrastinate. Try working things out and focus on them. Minimize or avoid distractions if possible so you can work better on your goals.

Work that proper mindset for a clearer vision of you achieving those valuable goals.

If you are aiming for a personal or educational goal, make things happen by planning and doing things related to it.

You will then realize that goals, no matter how difficult they may appear, are still valuable to consider. Once you achieved your goal, sweet success knocks on your door commending you for a job well done.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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