The Slave of Society

To be a man in society is to be a slave

We get bombarded with degenerate porn, timewasting sport events, alcohol, video games, the false narrative of a path to success (the american dream), while they get the maximum productivity from us until we drop dead. We trade our time for something worthless in return – money.

We then spend that money on the other shit that keeps us distracted and in a state of slave mindset through porn, alcohol, shitty chemical filled food, a house, car, clothes, TV, the newest smartphone for even more distraction, and then we need to get paid again. And so this cycle of sacrificing our life essence for more of this worthless stuff continues.

The true winners of this? The elite of course and the worthless cucks and cunts who can’t support themselves, the single women with their bastard children all of them get our support through taxes.

The government takes nearly half of that worthless money you sacrifice your life to earn and spends it supporting people who aren’t you and whom you have no relation to whatsoever. Once a year, they make you do a shit ton of paperwork, and if you figure out that you’ve given them too much money over the course of the year in the form of an interest-free loan, they give you some of that money back, without interest. You feel like you’ve won the lottery! What a great government!

From the day we’re born, we’re raised by pathetic, undisciplined, self-important, narcissistic, feminized shitheads – each generation more retarded and deranged than the last. We’re placed in schools that indoctrinate us and shape our minds into one of a slave and then they drop us into a culture of rules and socialized behaviors, that teach toward standardized tests and focus the entirety of their resources on bringing the dumbasses of the world up to just slightly below average.

The soon to be slave that rebel against that are diagnosed with “disorders” some of them didn’t even exist years ago. Then they are forced to take mind altering drugs to destroy their disruptive masculine impulses. Back in the days, hating school, homework, studying, and sitting still for 8 hours was common for a young boy. Now it’s a psychological disorder. Being male became a psychological disorder.

By the time we hit puberty, we’ve been taught that sexual impulses are evil, and our only shot at a decent life is to do exactly what we’re told, bow down and submit, finish school, then spend massive amounts of money (or get yourself in debt) go to college where in the pursuit of a degree we take a few required courses to learn that nine tenths of us are apparently rapists and that for generations, we have oppressed and enslaved women.

When all that’s said and done, it takes us forever to finally find employment, despite all of our education, and we don’t earn that much more than we would have without it. But we’re happy to have any job so we can finally start buying all of the shit we’ve been told we need, to demonstrate what great providers we’ll make for a family one day.

That’s what we’re told our goal in life needs to be. Just wait until you meet a good woman, marry her, have kids, and support a family. If you’re not married and taking care of a family then you’re not a real man. You’re just a child. What’s that? You don’t make enough money?

Don’t worry! Society got your back because nowadays, you don’t have to save money until you can afford to buy anything. You can just get them now for 29.99 a month here, 59.99 a month there, 74.99 a month there, and pay them off in 5, 10, 20 years.

Eventually, most guys who really want to get married will find someone to support since leeches are everywhere. And even though 50% of marriages don’t last, we all think we’ll be different since we’re serious about marriage. We’re going to take good care of our families. We’re not going to cheat. We’re going to work hard. We’re going to treat our wives and kids like queens and princesses and give them the best life we can, even if it means sacrificing ourselves in the process.

And even though the whole of society pisses all over us and minimize everything we do, we’re okay with that. That’s just playful banter. It’s funny. TV sitcoms say it’s funny. And if we ever stop raising the bar and stop doing more and more then we’re greeted with anger, hatred, disrespect, and threats, so we promise to do better.

But don’t worry. Don’t be bitter. Marry another one and support her, too if the first one didn’t work out. Rinse and Repeat.

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