Start To Give A Damn About Yourself

Realizing that there are over 7 billion people, who all have their own individual stories and mindsets and mostly only care about themselves will change your entire perspective on life. There are 7 billion people on this planet who, as I’m typing this are the center of their own world.

Once I realized this, any anxiety I had about what people thought about me disappeared, because in the long run, it boils down to everyone, every single human being on the planet, wants to feel special and good about themselves.

Which in return means that no one cares about you. The sooner you realize this the better off you’ll be.

People wander around wasting their time seeking sympathy, empathy and compassion from the people around them. They seek and want validation and recognition. They want people to understand them. In short, they want to feel and be special.

Don’t be one of those guys with hundreds of fake friends on Facebook craving for attention posting about something “philosophical”, or a goal that you’ve accomplished, in order to get some fame and recognition. That’s thirsty attention whore behaviour.

Don’t talk to people about your goals, visions and ambitions, if you do then you’ll never achieve those things. Don’t complain in the company of others, about how hard your job is, how difficult and shitty college is, or what a hard time you had with X, if you are not going to anything about it.

There are some people who don’t look for empathy and compassion from several people. Instead they are searching for a single person that will listen to all their problems, give them comfort whenever they need it, motivate them and tell them that they are doing a good job, someone who would make them feel special 24/7, a person who would praise every minor victory, a person who believes in them and who appreciates all their efforts.

Stop looking for a person like that, because people like that don’t exist. Yes there are some who will listen to you and hear you out for a while, but in the end you’ll be stuck with whatever your problem is and you have to deal with it by yourself.

This may sound really negative and sad, but the great thing about the fact that nobody gives a damn about you, is that you are free to give a damn about yourself. Be your own superhero get out there and fucking smash it. Do what you want because nobody cares, even if they think they do, deep down they are all going after their own interests and so should you.

Seeing shit as it really is liberates you and you can stop worrying and start living.

Get this into your head. We are humans living on a big blue ball, floating in a limitless sea of stars and darkness, basically anything at any moment, could kill us. That’s why life is too short to bitch, piss and moan about how shitty your life, girlfriend, society, etc. is getting.

The reason why this is so great is, because it’s liberating, it makes you free.

Once you realize that no one gives a fuck, you’ll finally be free to give a fuck about the only thing that matters for the time you are on this planet – yourself. The worries, the anxiety, the concerns you had will fall off like a heavy burden you never knew you were carrying.

You’ll appreciate life much more and be grateful for it. You’ll live your life to the fullest extend and have energy you never knew you had because you wasted it, caring about what other people thought.

When you finally take life into your own hands and care about yourself, then you’ll become a beacon, a rock for other people. They’ll come to you and ask for guidance and you’ll be able to help those who are worthy. They will come to you for the comfort and advice you once searched for from others.


What I’ve said might be hard for some to understand, others might have no problems with it. As for me,  I am okay with being a lone wolf, since I am an introvert I don’t have any trouble with a small social circle. I enjoy it to be honest, but for most people this can be a problem.

Realizing that nobody gives a damn can be painful, but bear with me there is a thing that you can do. Create. brotherhoods or tribes of like-minded men. I am in the process of creating such a social network and it helps me tremendously.

Even tho I am an introvert, I very much enjoy the company of like-minded men from time to time. The best thing about it is that, if you have a circle like that and you strengthen the bond between each other you’ll have people who will look out for you, give you advice or slap you in the face, if you are about to do something stupid.

Especially these days it’s important to have something like that, since many fathers failed to teach their sons valuable lessons about life and many boys grew up without a father. So tribes/brotherhoods are the perfect source for getting advice, and talking about the problems you are facing + finding solutions to fix them.

I highly encourage you to build something like that, because isolating yourself for the rest of your life is a pretty bad idea.

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