Men Who Stopped Working

You probably heard and read it as well. Several articles and supposed “experts” talking about men dropping out of the work force.

It’s full of shaming techniques and dodging the real problems just so they can blame men for being childish, irresponsible human beings.

Granted, some men don’t want to take responsibility and are childish, but this stems from the same core problems.

Why do Men opt-out?

From what I read and experienced they opt-out because they are tired of all the Political Correct bullshit, the gender bullshit, the shaming, the incredibly bad policies that favor women over men, and the fact that nobody gives a single fuck about them.

Of course, there are men who just don’t want to work at all or they can’t find a job due to a lack of education, but those men were always there, and they weren’t a big problem in the past so why is it exploding right now?

I think that this is a byproduct of society i.e. bad education, not addressing men’s problems, bad parenting, etc.

The men I am focusing on are the majority & that’s why the MSM has a problem to identify them. They are only aware of those who don’t want to work in the first place and not those who are sick of what’s happening to them. The MSM and it’s shit economists think they don’t find a job or that the men are stuck in school/college but far from it.

The men I talk about work, even if it’s just part-time but I will get to that.

Most of these men are young. 18-40 I’d say, able to work some do others don’t because they don’t want to and why should they?

If they can stay at home, they’ll do that, if they only need a part-time job to support themselves they will do that. They will go and live in studio apartments because why not?

They will stay single since women are parasitic by nature and a simple cost-benefit analysis shows that you are better off alone. They save tons of money because of not having a girlfriend or a wife.

It’s the “ideal” life if you don’t have high expectations for yourself and are content living like that. And even if you want to achieve big things you’d be better off living that lifestyle because of the surplus of time and mental energy that you don’t waste on stuff like women, or your annoying boss & co-workers and since you live frugally, you can spend the money you have on your business.

Why is this problem seemingly exploding right now?

That’s most likely because of the internet. Young men especially became increasingly more cynical, and thanks to the internet saw through the scam of current society, so it’s easy for them to turn their back on it and rightfully so.

Another thing the MSM keeps throwing around to shame men is that they live in their parent’s basement. Some do for sure, others however live in studio apartments.

These apartments don’t cost a lot, they live a frugal life, they have no women to take care of and waste money on, and as I said before it’s “the dream” to be quite frank, work part-time pay of your low costs that you have and then do what the fuck you want.

I don’t blame these guys one bit for choosing this lifestyle.

They went through school & have been told that they are shit, men suck, women are better at everything, etc.

This goes on for years. In the worst case they were raised by a single mother but I will get to that in a second.

Simply put: In their early years they endured the “emasculation of men.”

Let’s examine this even further.

He’s born as a boy and gets the tip of his penis cut off because it’s “healthy”.

He has fun and runs round around a couple of years until school. Then hours of misery every day.

The boy just wants to run around, climb trees, explore the world, and have fun, but the teacher calls that “misbehavior.” Here comes that doctor again, and says he has ADHD and needs Ritalin or something similar to make him sit still and fuck with his brain. More school and misery.

Finally, the young lad graduates high school. All the jobs require college degrees so he takes on a loan or two and goes to college because the average college grad earns millions of dollars over their lifetime, right? Now he’s poor, took on debt and is lonely as fuck.

Finally, he graduates college. 100k in debt. Applies for jobs and gets told that they can’t hire him because of quotas. Well, better move to a new city to find a job. 140k in debt. He finally gets job 50k/yr. Buys a new car, gets a girlfriend, and furniture. 170k in debt.

A few years later his girlfriend says “woops I’m pregnant we have to get married”. 200k in debt. Girlfriend says can’t raise a kid in an apartment, because feelz and mental retardation. Buys a house. 400k in debt.

Two years later, wife says “we need to talk.”

Divorce. Lawyer rapes his ass, he loses everything he’s got. Now he has a 80 hour work week to pay the alimony and child support. 500k in debt. Never see the kid. Kid hates your guts because ex-wife lied and turned the kid on you, great!

Economy goes bad. Lose job. Can’t pay child support. Prison.

The End.

How did Men become like that?

Thanks to the internet, information is now available about all of this stuff, and young men spend lots of time on the internet so go figure.

Once they stumble upon the “red pill” or anything that relates to that, they’ll realize that their life was a lie, that the path everyone told them was right is in reality a farce.

That’s when they choose to not contribute to society and why should they? Society didn’t treat them well either. They don’t give a rats ass about women, again why should they? They are a drag most of the time and why give up your good comfortable life for something that might ruin it? It’s not worth it.

Furthermore, we have a lack of Jobs; you are a man, probably white as well, so western society hates your guts the moment you are born. Women get a better chance of getting jobs despite being less qualified than you.

All of the actions these men are taking makes sense and saying fuck you and opting out completely is a logical conclusion in my opinion.

Also funny to note that only men are being shamed, but nothing’s being said about the single mom epidemic, about how they eat up men’s taxes and produce marginalized children in return. Or that women are adding next to nothing when it comes down to taxes. Or that single mothers raise psycho and sociopaths.

  If the world turns it’s back on you, turn your back to the world.

All of this begs the question

How does society get these men back to work and be part of society?

Stop the gender bullshit, stop the feminism scam, help men out once in a while.

There are hundreds of programs for women that are useless and almost none for men. Again no wonder that they opt-out with a middle finger pointed towards society.

Provide better education that does not pander towards girls and women, make sure that kids grow up in healthy families.

I think these changes alone would have a significant impact on the situation. It might not solve everything but it would be a start, and we could build upon on that.

In the end, what does the government think is going to happen when you force men out of the workforce and give women most of the jobs. What do they believe that all these men with nothing to do and nothing to aspire to are going to do? What are these angry men going to do when you keep poking and poking them? I tell you what will happen. If they keep putting strains on these men who choose to be free and live by their means they will get violent.

But society doesn’t care. The only thing they are concerned with is how to force these men back to the plantation.

Which means more shaming, censorship, government coercion, outright force, taking away alternatives or anything these men like or use (i.e. games, men only clubs, etc.) singles tax, man taxes, indoctrination of boys (forced “education”), propaganda, and much more.

Why are they doubling down instead of solving the problem?

Because everything in western society revolves around pleasing and pandering to women. Which in turns makes women feel that they are entitled to all the rights, all the choices, all the privileges that exist. The problem with that is that they aren’t able and unwilling to take on the responsibilities to be held accountable for anything, or to carry their burdens alone.

And, all the simps, manginas, and white knights seek to please them, and even men who are somewhat RP Aware like many traditionalist (Gavin McInnes comes to mind) still cave to them “for the good of all”.

Another generation of retarded simps, manginas, and white knights (Red, Purple or Blue) is not going to help the western cultures. Yes, they may survive another generation or two but they will still be on the same suicide course of gynocentrism.

Pandering to women “for the good of all” is not dealing with the problem it only delays the consequences.

If the indoctrinated men, and women (along with their simps, manginas, and white knights) ever manage to take away men’s ability to walk away from them, then there will only be one option left for men violence.

Even their goal of trying to force men back onto plantation is a suicidal one.

They offer men nothing to make them return, and even if they are successful in taking away men’s ability to walk away, it will lead to their destruction either by losing, or by killing the men they need to survive.

However you spin it their current course leads them to ruin.

Empowering women is and always has been suicidal. They proved time and time again that empowering them is no different than empowering children.

Trying to please women only encourages them to ask for more. They will never stop demanding no matter how much you give them. The more you say yes to them and accept their demands the more expectant they become that their demands will be met. Simply put with each demand you give into the more valid it becomes in her eyes.

Anytime men validate their demands it makes them feel more sure that they have the right to make even more of them and expect them to be met. “My feelings told me that the last demand you gave into was valid and since you agreed last time this new demand must be valid as well”.

You see the problem now I assume.

I will end this post with a quote that I tweeted some time ago. Food for thought lads.

Cultures that don’t treat their women well are having lots of kids and are winning the genetic arms race. Whereas cultures that do treat their women well struggle with exactly that.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

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