the meaning of life

I talked a lot about how insignificant we are in the grand scheme of things. However, besides our insignificance we still have a purpose and every single one of us has the same goal, and that is becoming better versions of ourselves or rather becoming better as a species.

I talked about this in my last post which you can read here. I said that we all objectively strive for more power and control whether you are aware of that or not it’s ingrained in our lives.

As you might know by now I am a big fan of technology, and I view A.I, gene editing, basically everything that has something to do with transhumanism as the next step in our evolution.

How does all of this tie into The Meaning of Life?

The Meaning of life is a question that many people asked themselves over the decades, and I believe that I found the meaning of it or rather another meaning for it.

You know, as I said we strive to become better, that has always been our main objective whether everyone is conscious of that pursuit or not doesn’t matter. It’s the thing we constantly do and have been doing over the decades. Improve, become more efficient, become stronger, better, faster, more intelligent we constantly improve one way or another.

That’s why I say that the meaning of life is to become better versions of ourselves.

Now, let’s tie this to technology. As I said, I think that technology is our next step of evolution we either merge with machines, or AI takes over and eradicates us which would suck (maybe?), but it would still be in the realm of evolution it would be something better, more efficient, intelligent it would surpass us in every way possible.

Therefore, it should be our main objective to focus on technology and to reach the point where we can become cyborgs, upload our consciousness or create Artificial Intelligence.

Instead of focusing on why the world sucks, why bad things are happening, why this and that, whoch religion you believe in etc. the list of meaningless shit is endless, and I would prefer it if people would realize that all of that doesn’t matter.

Tech is the only way, literally every single route we take leads to technological improvement unless we want to stay stagnant which we wouldn’t do because it’s not in our nature.

Everything leads to technological progress in which we fuse with machines and become better, so why not stop thinking and arguing about this meaningless stuff and focus entirely on our improvement? The more people that realize this the faster this will happen, simple as that.

We can choose to focus on gender studies for another 1000 years and it wouldn’t matter because the result will always be the same either we eradicate ourselves before we reach this next step of evolution through war or something else or we are successful and achieve it. I don’t see any alternatives really, and that is what makes this so great.

Why? Because it makes everything you feel or think pretty much worthless since it doesn’t matter.

You feel depressed and it doesn’t matter, your girl dumped you and it doesn’t matter.

Nothing matters besides the fact that we will always evolve and grow.

This realization is so liberating, and if this doesn’t free you of any bad feelings, you have right now then I don’t know what else could.

Why is this realization so liberating? As a twitter follower of mine said it’s not an instinctive reaction to be positive and able to not give a fuck about things, it’s quite the opposite. We tend to be negative, and it takes training and effort to become positive or just give less of a fuck in general.

The problems you’re dealing with right now are meaningless, that you got screwed over, that your feelz got hurt, that you have no cookies at home right now, that you are ill and can’t hit the gym, that you lost some gains, all of that is so petty and meaningless it astonishes me that I even gave a fuck about those things.

Once you realize this you’ll just laugh about it or have no reaction at all, it’s great.

The only thing that truly matters is to reach the next step of evolution and to become better; that’s it. If you have a hard time understanding it then give it some time think about it, are there any other options? Will the outcome be different no matter how long it might take? I say no and I’m pretty sure that you will come to the same conclusion. Now, whether you accept it or not that’s up to you I’m just planting this seed here, you have to nurture it.

Once you accept it tho you will reach a zen-like state of mind, it’s amazing. You’ll able to choose when to give a fuck about something, you’ll see what matters and what doesn’t, it’s like having a superpower.

Even if we would bomb ourselves back a few hundred years it would not matter honestly, it will just prolong the journey to the next level of evolution and that’s it because we always strive towards improvement ALWAYS!

That’s why I say that this development is inevitable it will happen, the question is how and when so the logical and most reasonable thing to do would be to focus on technology. Invest in it, learn about it, spread the message, get people on board and stop giving a fuck about meaningless shit (which is 99% of the stuff you think about).

Your girl left you so what? Did you get fired? Doesn’t fucking matter. You are scared, angry, depressed, it doesn’t matter it. The world will continue to improve and move forward so stop moaning and get on the train, strive towards this great achievement it’s the thing we are programmed to do anyway so do it.

The Downsides

Yes, there are downsides to my theory or this “fact”

First, it will probably take another 500 years or more until we finally reach this point (maybe it will happen sooner it’s just hard to tell, nonetheless progress is being made, and we should do our best to support it)

The second problem is that people are dumb, and they don’t realize that tech is the only thing that we should focus on.

They have all their shit believes and ideologies which make it harder and prolongs this step of evolution so the thing we should do right now is to make people smart and aware of the fact that we should strive towards improvement and evolution.We really need to educate people on this and spread the word. The more people become aware of this fact the better it will be.

So what should you do with this knowledge?

If you can’t build rockets or know how to build a quantum computer what are the options, what can you do and provide to help to achieve this cause?

There are two things that you can do and every one of us has them. 1) Creativity 2) Money.

This is everything you need to help, if we want to improve with technology then we need good ideas and creative people.

Everyone can come up with ideas no matter how outrageous they might be so if you have them send them to people who know how to build the tech we need.

The second thing we need for technology is money, and that is pretty easy to achieve as well just stop spending money on crap you don’t need and invest in those technology companies. Those are things literally anyone can do so there’s no excuse for not doing it.

Of course, if you don’t give a shit about all of this then that’s also okay. A lot of people don’t care about technology right now and we still make progress so it wouldn’t change much. However, the more people support it the faster we will reach the next level.

So, I hope this helped you to realize how insignificant your problems are and how little most of the stuff matters in your life.

As always thanks for reading and until next time.

-Titus Hauer

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