Thoughts on Death

Thoughts on Death

The main premise of my cosmological model is as follows. The universe may be a single awareness (universal awareness, “UA”) that has split itself into multiple views or vantage points (VPs) so as to expertise relationships. At the start, the relationships were terribly easy and consisted of interactions like away/towards and up/down. we have a tendency to perceive these relationships these days because the “fundamental particles” – although this label would model them as objects, in contradiction of my model that asserts that relationships square measure prime which objects don’t really exist however square measure “inferred” from the character of a relationship (so, the link merely implies collaborating objects, instead of separate objects really “existing”).

The second premise of my cosmological model is that the universal awareness may be known with any vantage and whereas it’s known thereupon vantage it seems, to itself, to be a separate experiencer of relationships (even although, on a universal level, those relationships square measure with itself). So, the universe appearance out at itself from a selected vantage and whereas doing thus it experiences that vantage as a separate awareness and perspective. It will do that through (probably) infinite numbers of VPs at the same time, throughout that it’ll expertise all those VPs as being separate, standalone views.

The third premise is that the UA will “aggregate” several VPs and skill them as one, coherent VP. (This purpose is incredibly, important, as a result of it explains whereverthe views we have a tendency to decision “you” and “me” come back from.) maybe the foremost illustrative example is that of your “subminds” – your varied drives – thatmixture to make one VP known as “your mind”. you’ve got several drives actuation you all told kinds of directions right away however somehow they become mass into one coherent expertise known as “you”. but this coherent expertise will “drop back” to a additional base state if one among the subminds becomes louder than the others (at that purpose the UA can become known thereupon submind’s VP). to Illustrate, once you square measure afraid, you become known exclusively with the “fear” submind. throughout now you’re solely able to understand relationships through this attitude, and every one relationships become of the only type: “away from danger / towards safety”. Your VP has fallen back to it of the foremost basic particles, showing that we have a tendency to aren’t to this point removed from quarks and electrons in our behaviours. So, the universal awareness will quite visibly switch between that perspective (VP) it’s known with at any moment. during this sense it’s vital to understandthat there ne’er was a “you”; there was solely identification with some vantage or aggregation of vantage points at a given moment.

As well as devolving to baser vantage points (subminds) at intervals itself, your human mind VP will mixture with different human minds to make a brief “master VP” collective mind. to Illustrate, if you head to a field game, dress in your team’s colors, sit along with your team’s fans, and sing your team’s songs, you mixture quickly into one mind (“your team’s supporters”) through that you expertise the “energy” of that crowd (for higher or worse, betting on however snug you’re being absorbed into a mob) and you expertise the sport along mutually entity. The combined expectations of this “supporters’ mind” most likely has a control on the result of the sport, thence why loser cities have loser groups notwithstanding however sensible the players square measure. constant principle applies to birds of constant sort flying in formation; they’reable to flip mutually (quicker than the time it’d fancy method the movement of the bird before, showing it’s not “communication” between birds that causes the turn) as a result of they quickly type a master VP known as “the flock” that the UA will expertise the link of flying through. One issue that determines whether or not VPs will mixtureis however similar they’re to every different, thence why birds of constant sort will type a flock, cells of constant sort will type associate organ, then forth. this is oftenthanks to the shape nature of the universe and that we would possibly decision it the “similarity principle”.

Your human mind VP may also become quickly known with ideas and understand relationships from the VP of that idea. to Illustrate, you’ll be able to become known along with your culture or country and quickly understand relationships through that VP, at that moment you’re same to be “nationalist”. I am sure you can think of your own examples (race→racist, gender→sexist and so forth). a remarkable factor is that, within the days of theism (which is essentially another word for paganism), you may pray to, to Illustrate, the sun, and become quickly known with the sun and thus gain energy and hearth. Deities may well be used for the aim of merging with their VP and gaining a number of the properties of that VP. This still exists a touch these days in theism, to Illustrate merging with Christ to realize “Christ consciousness” (compassion, bliss, love etc.).

To make it clear, within the preceding paragraphs, “your human mind” and “the universal awareness” square measure one and also the same; “your human mind” was continually simply the universal awareness quickly known with a person’s expertise. in additional transcendent states but the vantage looks to broaden on the far side that slender scope. The universe itself seems to be associate aggregation of all VPs presently active at intervals itself; during this sense the full universe is aware as a form of master VP, experiencing itself as an entire, complete “oneness” of all things. This overmind (which you would possibly decision “God”) may be tuned into via psychedelics, high-emotion experiences, and meditation practices; this expertise is understood as “nonduality”. i feel it’s on the amount of the overmind that evolution and magick square measure determined, that square measure expressions of the intentions of all VPs fed into the overmind and mass.

Now, i’ll land the plane on my purpose during this article. one among the most functions of spirituality is to aim to realize some variety of acceptable answer to the question, “What happens to Maine once I die?” If you raise a commoner but, you may tend to induce rather unacceptable answers similar to heaven/hell duality (monotheists) or oblivion/ finish of awareness (atheists). So, if you’re like Maine, you then communicate somebody you trust additional to own done the self-inquiry neededto come back up with a much better answer. this is often wherever you discover that, infuriatingly, even supposed advanced yogis cannot simply answer this question in brief and to the purpose. to Illustrate, Sadhguru is asked this question all the time and waffles while not ever giving a concrete answer. The reason, it appears, is as a result of he doesn’t grasp.

Well, I don’t grasp either. however i’ll tell you what my model implies, and this is often as follows. Your current expertise of “you” is simply a vantage (among infinite) that the universal awareness is presently known with. we’ve already incontestable that that VP itself switches around from moment to moment even at intervals yourself betting on spirit (i.e. that submind is loudest), with the perception of relationships dynamical directly because it will thus. Asking wherever you go once you die may be abit like asking wherever the worry vantage goes once the fearful episode is over. it’s a nonsensical question: the vantage itself has no substance. What “you” square measure, then, isn’t any specific vantage, however rather you’re the notice that switches between vantage points. you’re the universal awareness; Brahman; formless consciousness.

Therefore, once this body dies, the universal awareness can merely switch to a distinct vantage or fall back to a broader vantage. can it switch to the vantage of a distinctliving body? Or can it fall back to a broader vantage and, if so, what would that broader vantage be? the world, life force, kundalini, Gaia? The sun, God, light, silence? The overmind, universe, awareness itself? I actually have no plan. however i’m a minimum of moderately assured that the vantage can switch to one thing – i.e. there’llcontinually be awareness, since awareness is that the core “stuff” of the universe, and you’re awareness.

Now that your immortality is confirmed – although you’ll be able to make sure you may take nothing from this life forward in your journey – allow us to discuss what’s to be tired the meanwhile. I actually have learned from enlightened beings that, through meditation follow (or simply sensible luck), it will become attainable to spot with eachthe individual vantage (e.g. this body; this experience) and also the awareness that switches between vantage points, at the same time. meaning you’ll be able to be each“whole” and “separate” at constant time, living your life however conjointly connected to everything. this is often what we have a tendency to mean once we observe “going all the way” in our pursue full enlightenment or wakening