Axtschmiede is a Website for Men that covers several topics about Masculinity and tradition. Mainly, Germanic and Norse tradition and Mythology.

Who writes this Blog?

You may know me as Titus Hauer but my Real name is Timo I have been writing (with breaks) for the past 3 years and been trough quite a Journey in terms of the topics but one thing never left my side and that was self-improvement.

So how come that I started to write about Paganism and European culture? Because it filled a hole that atheism and nihilism left.

What do I mean by that?

Well, I as many others got into this whole sphere through the Red Pill and it was through the red Pill that my illusions about the world got crushed. I wrote a piece on that on an old blog of mine where I explained that swallowing the red pill and becoming woke is like drinking water for the rest of your life instead of having the occasional Coke or Juice of your choice.

The more indulge in red pill philosophy the likelier it gets that you will fall into the black pill because you see that most people don’t see what you see. Got that? Ha, in short people are dumb and you cant force the red pill on people either, it has to be a natural process. But back to the black pill, the more you consume red pill content and the more those delusions you had about the world get ripped apart the more you see the ugly, dirty, ruthless side of the world which can be quite troublesome. For me for example it killed the spiritual side of me and I became and advocate for science, I tried to make it my god but I tell you what. It wasn’t fulfilling, it sucks, it’s depressing and nihilistic. Why? Because it cannot fill the hole, the spiritual gap that the redpill/blackpill will leave in you.

So how does this all relate to Paganism?

I can’t tell you what sparked this interest because I don’t know but sometimes in life things appear just at the right time and when you need them the most, that was the case for me.

I have read about these things before but it didn’t click, I wasn’t ready.

But for the past months I have been reading and consuming material about my ancestors and European mythology in general and since I started doing that I felt more complete, in line with whom I really am, it felt right simply put.

I have no words to describe this thing but enlightenment probably comes closest to it.

So studying the past, my Germanic heritage filled the hole that years of red pill and nihilism left, that’s why it is so important to me and it might help you too. That’s the reason why I created axtschmiede it’ll document my journey, the progress I make and I hope this will help other men that swallowed the red pill but are stuck in their nihilism to get out of that rut. I’ll share my experiences and how Paganism can be used as self-improvement because let me tell you something, my workouts have been a blast since I started with that. Why? Because I have a purpose to do it now a real one, not something like “I need to look good to get in someones meatflap” no, I train to become strong and not to disgrace my forebears, simple as that and it works but more on that in the future.

So I encourage you to look around, leave a comment, connect with others on this site and share your experiences I am eager to hear them.

Thanks for reading!


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