I don’t have a boss or a job that I can be fired from. I can’t be “outed” or “exposed.” I can’t be shamed. I can speak the truth.

Axtschmiede is not for the weak, pathetic, and meak. It’s survival of the fittest in the world, the rule of nature and that’s the Theme we’re going with here on Axtschmiede. We cover a lot of ground and do not tolerate nonsense or stupidity.

Share a similar story?

You were told to be a good little boy, to follow the rules, and to do the right thing.

You followed the rules. You did the “right” thing. Yet life didn’t work out for you the way people promised you it would.

You found that your life was lacking. You couldn’t quite put you finger on it, but you knew something was wrong and missing, you didn’t feel COMPLETE.

You often stayed up and wondered, “Where did I go wrong? What am I missing? Why am I feeling this way?

You dug deeper.

You started to look around.

You discovered that the rule makers were either clueless pawns or slave masters who wanted to keep you tamed, and caged, wrapped around in shackles, beaten and brainwashed in the hopes you’ll never realize your potential and become a threat.

That could change NOW and you know that full well, the question is:

Are you prepared to rebuild, to start over, to understand that in the beginning, “Everything you have ever been told is a lie.”

We smash through barriers. We destroy to create. We die each day and get reborn. We don’t allow others to get in our way. We are Berserkers.

We won’t settle for good when greatness is within sight. We won’t live as caged animals when there is land to conquer and freedom within our reach.

Welcome to Axtschmiede.