13 Rules For A Better Hustle

When you hustle, life moves fast. There’s only so much you can execute on, so many people you can continue to have a one-sided relationship with, and so many situations where you let your fear hinder the ability for you to continue your journey.

There are certain things that you will realize don’t need your attention anymore, simply because they don’t do you any good, nor do they empower you to move forward in life.

Over the months, there are the 13 rules I have learned to lead a happier, more exciting, and more fulfilling day.

1. Do it for the group, not for you. Those who go ahead and put others down for their own happiness or for them to get ahead will never move forward in life. They’ll be the unhappiest. We are social animals. We embrace power, joy, and strength from the creation of deep relationships with other human beings.

You will realize that the more support you give to a friend, the more you will receive from others. And, the happier and successful you will be, too.

2. Live in the present, it’s a gift. Living in a fictitious scenario you think might happen will not do yourself any favors. Embrace the moment, smile, and be thankful for what you have at that minute.

3. But, don’t lose sight of the vision. ‘Living in the present’ is not to say that you should forget all your worries and responsibilities. It just means sometimes you need to relax and pay attention to the ‘now.’ But, by all means, keep in mind what decisions you’ll need to make 10 minutes, or 10 months from ‘now.’

4. Mistakes are free education. This may not be the proudest education you receive, but behind everything is a reason. If you made a mistake, find a way to realize what you did wrong, learn from it, and pull some positivity out of it.

5. Follow the illusion of fear. Michael Jordan said it best, “Limits, like fears, are often an illusion.” If you’re fearful of something, there’s a good chance its something to go after. Fear often sneaks in when we know there is something we want to do, but we’re afraid of failure, rejection, disappointment, etc. Just do it!

6. Don’t think, just say it. The only way you’ll get your truth out, is if you stop trying to plan it and just say it! When you do it that way, your words make you more empathetic, approachable, and a delightful person to be with. Watch how fast people start to pickup on that.

7. The truth gets more people to like you. You can be the smartest person in the room, or the funniest person in the room, but at the end of the day people want loyalty and authenticity. Be the person who’s more concerned with being connected to others in that way, and you’ll find yourself always being the center.

8. Do something random and different. When you become accustomed to your everyday routine, you can find yourself bored. And we all know that’s not what you are meant for! Do something different. Go take a spinning class during lunch or learn a language on the side. Spend 80% of your time on your hustle, and 20% exploring your hidden talents.

9. Make valuable choices. Take actions that will move your personal story forward. If you’re sitting at the dinner table, put your phone away, and engage in a face to face conversation. If you haven’t talked to mom and dad in a while, give them a ring and tell them you appreciate them. Don’t let yourself realize 5 years later that you made a mistake, it’s not a good feeling. Trust me.

10. Be limited edition aka weird. Doesn’t mean become a hipster, but be yourself. Be unique. When someone asks “Who do you want to be like?” Answer with “Me, and only me.” People don’t hang around you because you’re like the person they follow on Instagram, its because you are YOU!

11. Ask others for help. You may be the smartest person in the world, but there will be times you’ll need to call up a friend and ask for advice. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. When you feel lost or distanced, ask the people you trust to help find your way again.

12. Sing without lyrics, figuratively. It’s always important to have goals and ambitions, and to know what you want out of different experiences. But, sometimes you need to just let go! Be a kid again. Sing without lyrics on a paper.

Do what you feel is fun in the moment. Sometimes your best ideas, thoughts, and next steps will come to you in those moments where your mind is free and creative.

13. Live without limits. The only way I’ve learned to move forward is to become comfortable being uncomfortable. When you’re out of your comfort zone, you begin to react and fight what comes to you. Your intuition is better, your ideas are smarter, and your personality is stronger.

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