Clench your fists and commit to yourself
Clench your fists and commit to yourself

If you’re stuck in a rut, in a bad situation or just sick and tired of being sick and tired, then it’s time to pull out all the stops—it’s time to take it to the limit and Overwhelm Your Circumstances.

At some point you’ve got to draw the line and get cold blooded serious. Enough with mediocrity, enough with half measures and enough with backdoors. Cross over to the other side and burn the bridge behind you.

Take a deep dive into your Soul. Drill deep into your core. Figure out what it is you really want from this life and how you want to live it.

And then get angry or find whatever reason you need to find. Clench your fists, grit your teeth and make an irreversible compact; not with the Creator, your woman or anyone else. But commit to yourself and then hold on for evermore.

There comes a day in a man’s life when enough is enough. A day when nothing else really matters but the path you have chosen. This is the day when you find your Purpose and you find your way.

Things may be bad, they may be ugly or just plain old. But there is now one compelling difference when your feet hit the ground each morning—the fire now burns within. It’s white hot, focused and burning bright like never before.

It feels great to be of single minded Purpose and to not give a damn about anything else. You’re going to pursue your Mission and put your life on the line. There is now no other way.

Become Blind to the Effort

So you’ve experienced mediocrity, disappointment and failure. Good. You’ve now got a foil and the fuel to drive you forward.

You tried it the other way and look where it got you. So it’s time to take off the gloves and go all out.

Imagine where you could be in 5 years if you took your pursuits to the limit; if you set aside every distraction and focused on one main goal.

If your quest is spine tingling or life changing in nature, then no effort will be too much. You will never regret it, no matter how hard you have to work to get there.

Come out of the gate hard and clear a path in front of you. Quit wasting your time with television and alcohol. And then take that new free time and apply it directly to your quest.

Next, create even more space for more effort by getting your ass out of bed. Life is for the awake. Get up at 4am during the week and sleep in to a lazy 6am on the weekends. Take pride in getting a head start while most other men are still hugging their pillow or burning off the previous night’s alcohol.

No more TV, no more liquor and no more sleeping in until the last minute. Get up and bust a gut every day.

Begin to identify with the struggle at hand. Embrace it and make it part of your character. Make it part of who you are.

Expect there to be obstacles, difficulties and disappointment. And then do whatever it takes to climb over, go around or get back up—never say die.

Harden yourself and commit to tremendous overwhelming effort. Acquire a champion’s spirit and send chills down your spine every day as you thrill yourself with gut busting pursuit.

Remember, you’ve had your fill of the easy path. You are now going to push yourself and embrace the comfort of discomfort. It’s your new way of life.

So the strategy here is simple, but not easy.

You will work like you’ve never worked before and remain blind to the effort.

And you won’t stop until you break through to the other side.

Make not quitting reason enough
Make not quitting reason enough

Become Blind to the Time

Sometimes the answer is to simply not quit. You might not even need to be that good. All it might take is to just Outlast Them All; or perhaps, to just outlast yourself and your own weaknesses.

There is something to be said for sheer will and perseverance. They can turn an ordinary man into something special if only he would hold on and let the passage of time work its magic.

Make the decision about where it is you want to end up or what you want to achieve and then commit to the Long Game. Persevere for however long it takes. Make not quitting reason enough.

What could you accomplish going full throttle for a cool 3 years? Or how far could you go if you just never quit? As simple as it sounds, ask yourself these questions. And then answer them honestly. Perhaps it will indeed become obvious you that cannot fail, if only you would never stop.

Reflecting as such might open up a portal inside you that you never considered. You might discover there is a beast within, ready to wreak havoc on the world through pure stamina and guts.

After all, if there is something worth pursuing in your life, what else could be more important? Television? Beer? Watching other men compete for glory? So what if you miss some fun, or some games, or some family time.

Yes even family time. Let them do without you for a time as you pursue personal greatness. Let your woman support you in this manner as you take care of business and develop yourself. Do not use your woman and children as an excuse to shortchange them of your true potential.

Make it to an event here and there, but get busy each day with the task at hand. And then come back in the long run twice or three times the man. Sacrifice the near term for the long term and one day they will thank you for it.

There are times in man’s life when accomplishment is more important than leisure and relationships. At some point work, money, health, education or your One Thing will need to take precedence. And to get there it will take effort and it will take time.

If you decide it’s worth it, then become blind to the time it will take and Overwhelm Your Circumstances.

Become Blind to the Cost

If there is something you’ve just got to do, no matter the consequences, then become blind to the cost.

Sacrifice is a fact of life. To achieve great things or get control of some serious business, something is going to have to give. There are only so many hours in the day and you’ve only got so much capacity.

Consider this standard: within the restraints of Integrity and Virtue, be willing to pay any cost—money, relationships, personal sacrifice or whatever price needs to be paid. Remove the self-limiting governor that is holding you back and set the world on fire with your unyielding will. Become uncivilized and savage in your tenacity and perseverance.

There’s no need to put on a big show and make a spectacle of yourself. My preference is to quietly take action and never let them see me coming.

So furrow your brow each morning and know in your core you will continue and pay whatever the cost needs to be. And then quietly go about your business with steely determination. Never stop and never quit as a matter of principle.

Once you cross that line and know in your heart you will simply not be denied it will change your life.

You will walk with a surety of purpose like never before. Energy and drive will manifest themselves out of thin air and you will carry yourself with power and focus.

Work at it long enough and eventually your new essence will become instinct. You will function intuitively and reflexively handle whatever needs attention to move you closer to your destination. And you will sense that self-mastery is close at hand.

Self-mastery will put you in rarefied air and in congruence with the natural order. It will be satisfying and make every day worth living.

And then one day you’ll begin to notice something different; that people are starting to notice you. Their gazes will hold just a little longer than normal.

What more could a woman ask for in a man
What more could a woman ask for in a man

And you’ll draw more eyes than you used to; both male and female; men because they will sense your force of purpose and the weight of your character; and women, well, what more could a woman ask for in a man? Their instincts will naturally kick into overdrive.

Perhaps you’re not at the point where you’re willing to pay any cost yet. Fine, not every pursuit is worth it. But keep this idea in your back pocket because you’ll know it when you see it and you can pull the trigger then.

When the day comes and you make this decision, it will light up your life.

So become blind to the cost.

You will open up the door to unforeseen possibilities.

You will open up the door to your innate God given potential.

And perhaps even stir the Creator himself as He raises an eyebrow in recognition of your efforts.

Be Willing To Change

Remember to be smart as you Cut Through Each Day with a Vengeance. Brute force combined with an unyielding will is indeed very powerful. Most of life can be easily handled going all out for the long term. But you want to make sure your cutting edge is razor sharp as well.

If you’re stuck in a rut despite all kinds of effort, time and sacrifice then maybe you need to make some changes; not to your goals, but to how you get there.

Sometimes all it will take is just a small adjustment here and there to correct your focus and start hitting critical mass. Evaluate what you are doing and how you are proceeding. Use your own wits and leverage the expertise of others. In today’s electronic world the answers are out there. Find them.

If fine tuning your game isn’t doing the trick, then consider radical change. If the goal is to Overwhelm Your Circumstances, then be willing to pull out all the stops. If you’ve hit the wall, then consider blowing up the damn wall or completely changing the playing field.

Ask yourself what it is you could do that would give you the advantage you’re looking for. Consider the unthinkable. It all depends on how badly you want it, doesn’t it?

Is there a completely different direction you could take that would leverage your efforts, despite who it might upset? Maybe it’s time to go hardcore and to hell with anyone else’s sensibilities? There’s a time in a man’s life when he has to bring down the hammer, regardless of who is affected.

Opening the door to radical change could be the missing key. Even if the consequences are untenable at first, what you’ll find is there’s always a way. It might take some time, but eventually a viable path will present itself.

Get smarter, rewrite the rules, relieve yourself of unnecessary burdens, push your pride and appearances aside; take whatever obstacle is in your way and flip it to your advantage.

Always be willing to change.

Become the storm
Become the storm

Become the Storm

Cross over to the other side and go full throttle hardcore. Transform yourself.

Become an unrelenting hurricane of effort. Give it everything you’ve got.

Rain down on your circumstances for as long as it takes. Play the long game.

Blow everything away and Be Willing To Start Over if necessary. Pay any cost.

And then consider every angle of approach and every strategy for attack. Be smart and leverage the power of your God given intelligence.

Overwhelm Your Circumstances.

All the best,

Max Panzer

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